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December Fest: beer and bands

Mendoza also has its beer party, but in December. A classic that this year will have its twelfth edition, for
Mendoza también tiene su fiesta de la cerveza
04 December, 2019

In our country, talking about the Beer Festival is thinking at the famous October Fest and at Villa General Belgrano. However, the refreshing drink par excellence receives tributes and tributes throughout the country. Mendoza, for years, joined this proposal and has its own party. The department of Godoy Cruz will organize this year the 12th edition of the Festival Provincial Beer. You’re all invited.

A bit of history

However, the cult of beer has surrendered in Mendoza since 1978, when what today is considered the first Festival was held. At that time the celebrations extended for a week, with food stalls, and the Maltería and Cervecería de Cuyo, in the departmental square. Finally, a central event was held, where there were artistic performances and the election of the Queen of Beer, to which 14 candidates ran.

For political, social and economic reasons, the Festival alone was carried out a few years later and discontinued, until 1982.

A new edition

In 2019 comes the 12th edition of the historic festival, which is one of the most anticipated events of the cultural and tourist calendar of Mendoza. Thanks to the prestige it has gained over the years, the festival generates great expectations among local, national and international audiences. Big bands, the bestbeers, a varied food court, games and much more will arrive this December to color and music to San Vicente Park.

More than 280 groups from Mendoza, Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Chubut and Chile signed up for the band competition that takes place every year. To participate, interested parties signed up through an online form, where they uploaded three demos and the technical rider . So, you are all invited to a new edition of the Mendoza Beer Festival. It will be December 6, 7 and 8.

Mendoza también tiene su fiesta de la cerveza
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