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Corrientes: Argentine Intangible Cultural Heritage

Today we want to tell you the traditions of the Argentine Intangible Cultural Heritage that have been relieved in the province of Corrientes.


The  Ministry of Culture of the Nation  has been carrying out, for some time, the survey of the Argentine Intangible Cultural Heritage. It is a tool to gather and share information about cultural manifestations that form part of the identity of communities in Argentina. Traditional ways of doing, naming, producing or celebrating that continue to be practiced, which are passed on to the new generations and contribute to strengthening collective ties. Today we want to tell you the ones that have been relieved so far in the province of  Corrientes .

Celebrations of domestic chapels

It is a family and popular holiday that takes place in houses that have chapels. There we pray, novenas are performed, mass is offered, pilgrimages are performed, music and dance are offered, according to the Catholic devotional calendar.


This practice includes a musical genre, with dance and singing, which accompanies various celebrations. It has its roots in the song prayer or prayer sung in Guaraní. Violin, guitar, mouth harmonica, two-row diatonic accordion, bandoneon and double bass are used in the musical performance. The dance is a linked couple: the torsos come together and the heads intersect. They dance without fixed choreography, follow the music adapting dance steps, changes of figures and zappateos. It involves the “sapucay”, scream or alarido that is emitted very loud and manifests a feeling or a feeling.

Popular devotion to Gauchito Gil

This is a popular saint whose devotees celebrate every January 8 in the town of Mercedes. The ceremony is held in its sanctuary and is in charge of an Interventora Commission, which gives to the Mercedes Church the emblematic cross of the saint to officiate the mass. Subsequently, this is transported by riders (pilgrims on horseback) to its original place. The concurrent, mainly from the provinces of Corrientes, Chaco, Misiones and Formosa, provide candles, flags, thanks plaques with exvotees, and order Gauchito Gil.

Popular pilgrimage to the Virgin of Itatí

This is a religious celebration that brings together some 40,000 people. The appointment is on July 13. The faithful depart mainly from San Luis del Palmar and surrounding areas. They are joined by people and groups from different parts of the province and the country. On foot, on horseback or by carts, you start the road to the sanctuary located in the town of Itatí.The 16th participates in the Pontifical Coronation of Our Lady of Itatí and on 17 she returns. During the community journey, devotees transport religious imagery, prepare typical meals, set up rest tents and transfer their luggage. A community celebration that is part of the Argentine Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Publication Date: 18/10/2019

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By: Carlos Agustin Cisneros 16 June, 2020

Soy propietario de una antigua calesita ,la que hoy quiero instalar en Corrientes En Bs As son patrimonio cultural mi pregunta en Cortientes tambien

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