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Correntino Carnival has dates and prices

The Correntino Carnival, with more than 60 years old, will unleash the celebrations of its inhabitants and tourists almost all
El carnaval correntino
04 January, 2020

With 60 years of tradition, Correntino Carnival is one of the largest and most important festivities in that province. It is an attraction not only for Correntinos, but for tourists from all over the country. We can define that the carnival practice in Corrientes is presented in two ways: the neighborhood, with different culturalpractices, and the comparsa. The latter will have its parades at the corsódromo “Nolo Alias”.

The carnival of Correntino is a convener, the start date is on January 31, but fans can already secure their tickets to the corsódromo. This ends on 24 February. The carnival will have two presentations, one rented and one free. The corsódromo will give a show to 30,000 spectators. And thousands more can enjoy the carnival Correntino in the streets of the province.


General tickets will cost $200 on Fridays and $300 on Saturdays and Sundays. Prices will have different values depending on the location that viewers choose.

Like the proposal we found on a court of football, carnival Correntino offers us boxes, VIP locations and services catering for a higher price. Those who want to guarantee their presence all on weekends you can buy tickets for the 10 nights of carnival.

Protagonists in Nolo Alias

The comparsas that assure the show will be Sapucay, Ara Berá, Copacabana Arandú Beleza. There will also be the bands Samba Show, Samba Total, Bahian Empire, Kamandukaia and Sambanda.

Neighborhood Carnivals

These are free and itinerant, can be seen in different points of Corrientes. Every night they go through different neighborhoods. They make Correntino carnival more popular, with their comparsas and masks. It is an attraction that has no ages, it is enjoyed by children and adults.

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