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Coffee and the emotional roots of our culture

After water, coffee, is the most consumed drink in the world.

El café y el arraigo emocional

According to a study conducted by the  Argentine Chamber of Coffee  with the participation of “The Brand Bean” some interesting facts emerge, such as that  70% of Argentines start every morning with a   coffee and the average per capita consumption is 1 kg per person per year. It is also noted that  48% of respondents drink between one and three cups of coffee per day. 

Perhaps, the most curious fact that arises from this report  is the root and emotional bond it awakens , considering that it is not a product of national origin.

The relevant observation is that   coffee  mobilizes pleasure over the drink itself  and that the benefit is given by the time of the  ritual that invites you to share  .

Although consumption is given at different times, 70% choose it at breakfast to start the day and 62% prefer it when picnic.

Among the more than a thousand chemicals that make up  coffee  the most outstanding and beneficial properties we find are;  vitamins, minerals, antioxidants,  sugars and caffeine. The contribution of minerals, fibers and antioxidants to the diet increases the ability to perform  physical activity , which improves attention, concentration and also muscle and cardiac performance.

Coffee and bars, in particular, are usually  a ritual of meeting  friends  , where there are current talks,  football ,  political  and even philosophical, among so many subjects. It is also true that the business model today offers modern proposals, with premises specialized in different formats, tastes and aromas, but still classic  coffee , particularly Buenos Aires, is still part of our culture and it is very common yet, find in our streets the  bar  in its classic format. It is no accident that the television series “ Polemic in the bar ” turns 30 years of validity in honor of this tradition so ours.

Publication Date: 18/06/2019

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By: Mónica Dumas 18 June, 2019

Hola, una consulta a quien contactaron de la Cámara de Cafe? gracias y saludos

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