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Cheese has its party in the tucumanos valleys

In addition to being a delicacy from the north, cheese is celebrated with lots of music and joy in Tafí del Valle. Welcome to the National Cheese Festival.

The quintessential tourist spot of  Tucumán, Tafí del Valle , is the place where, in February, year after year the most summoning artists  from Argentina. The goal is clear: to celebrate  the National Cheese Festival  , which in 2020 reached its 51st edition.

The main character is  cheese : there are contests that crown the best cheese in the valley and various  tastings . There are also parades of floats and the selection of the  “Donosa” of the valleys , which is chosen among the young women of the place.

So convening is  this holiday  that tourists from various parts of the region arrive. In those days  Tafí del Valle  is completely occupied and the algarabía is lived in the hills.

Argentina's most renowned artists have been through its stages, for example, in its latest edition, it had the participation of   Los Tekis , Duo Coplanacu,  Soledad , Chaqueño Palavecino and  Los Nocheros  .

And this is how, through dance, music and artists, tafinists are the protagonists of a unique event that, year by year, takes hold on the cultural and tourist billboard  of the region . Those who attend can't miss the guided tours in the traditional rooms to observe firsthand how they make the delicious and protagonist  Tafí cheese .

 A bit of history 

Awarded notable national and international awards, the famous Tafi cheeses are a  tradition  for several reasons. One of them is that its procedure and artisanal elaboration are still the same as hundreds of years ago, so the rooms of the place retain the essence and flavors; many of which seem to remain intact.

It is also one of the main  industries in the area , from which many locals live. Therefore, its importance is crucial for the economy and the livelihoods of the valley. It is worth saying that in their elaboration it can be noted that they are made with much love.

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