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Cerro Arco, a classic in Mendoza

For running, walking or cycling. To observe the city of Mendoza or to make a picnic in the mountains. Arco Hill is open to everyone.


All the people of Mendoza went, at least once, to Mount Arco. To do physical activity, to walk and meet him, to fulfill some promise. Weall put it up sometime. Or well, maybe some of them were in the attempt.

It is a hill located in the department of Las Heras, 14 kilometers from the city of Mendoza. So, we talk about the nearest hill. In addition, its height is not what highlights it. It barely exceeds 1600 meters above sea level. If you want to compare to take dimension, the Aconcagua hill has 6962 meters.

But we're talking about a “family” hill, about hobbies. It is not a hill that climb those Andean people who have more daring aspirations like the aforementioned Aconcagua or some summit above the 4 A thousand meters. Not at all.


It is a hill whose summit can be reached on foot. And even suitable for all ages, provided that there is at least an acceptable physical state. The path, artificially plotted, is extends from base to top by 4,5 miles. With an altitude difference of 580 meters. So it can be said that it is an activity of medium-low difficulty. Although, in some sectors, the road is made very steep.

It is very common to see teams of any sport in Mendoza performing the set-up in the physical. We also ran into mountain runners or trail bikers practicing for some competition. However, as has been explained, the hill is also frequented by children, pregnant women and the elderly. Even many ascend with their pets.

The summit

From the top of Mount Arce you have a panoramic view of the city of Mendoza and its surroundings. It is very common for locals to try to locate their homes, the park or the most emblematic buildings. However, there are also some peculiarities at the summit, such as television antennas. Since it is a very high point but also close to the City, local television channels send their signal to the antennas of the hill and from there broadcast it for the whole province. That is why, for some maintenance, we often have to give way to vans that go up for technical issues.

In the moonlight

Every time a full moon is announced, the plan is set up. Usually, on full moon Fridays the hill is very frequented. Hundreds of people climb to the summit, gaze at the majesty of the night among the mountains, and upon their return, a banquet awaits them. It is that at the base or at the entrance to Mount Arco there is a post. It works permanently, supplying water and minutes to athletes. But, in addition, on full moon Fridays, it offers an exquisite barbecue , to crown a dream night.

Publication Date: 06/01/2020

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