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Campo Ramón: a small municipality with ecological tradition

For the municipality of Campo Ramón, in Misiones, having an ecological mentality is a number one priority. It is part of the tradition of its inhabitants.


  Campo Ramón is a small municipality near the city of   Oberá   , province of Misiones   . It is located in an area surrounded by natural resources, streams and waterfalls. The population does not exceed 15 thousand inhabitants, however,   the ecological awareness of its inhabitants is well rooted   . It is currently considered as First Municipality   Ecological   . Therefore, since 1994, the Festival of Ecology has been held there every year.

  The beginning of a tradition  

Campo Ramón has its origins in the 30s, on the banks of the stream, today called Arroyo Ramón.   The creek was always of vital importance to the city   . From his protection a tradition was formed with   ecological awareness   . Campo Ramón is the only municipality in Argentina that has signed an agreement for its care. On the other hand, those who collaborate with their care have benefits. Settlers who care for the basin have discounts on electricity and municipal taxes.

  Campo Ramon   also marked in its name the importance of   environment   . It's just that this place was literally born from the fire. In its beginnings there was a dryer of   yerba mate   clandestine, whose owner was a gentleman named Ramon. When he was discovered by the authorities, Ramón decided to disappear the evidence of the crime by setting fire to the dryer. The fire spread and left a large field that was known as “Los Campos de Ramón” clean.

  An ecological holiday  

Every year between the end of January and the beginning of February the   Provincial Ecology Festival   . This show seeks to generate ecological awareness, preserving and caring for the environment. Activities are related to agrocamping, bird watching and butterfly watching. There is also a   Agroecological Fair   and kayaking trips along the El Bonito stream. You know! If you go to Campo Ramón, the first thing is ecology.


 Provincial Ecology Festival

Publication Date: 24/05/2020

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