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Buenos Aires and the secrets of the milongas

A journey into the depths of tango invites you to immerse yourself in the classics milongas, spaces where popular music is breathed.

la milonga

Many start the journey with only one goal. Get to know the land of  tango , the suggestive sound of 2 x 4 that seduces and enchants. Today more than ever,  tango  and milongas have become fashionable in the world and the songs of  Gardel  and other great artists can be heard rather away from the land that saw them born.

However, to get to know the melancholic sound of the accordion you have to travel to  Argentina . Better yet, disembark in  Buenos Aires . A journey into the depths of tango invites you to immerse yourself in the classic milongas. Spaces where you can breathe this popular music, so Buenos Aires and national.

Milonga is a genre of rioplatense folk music, which can be heard both in Argentina and  Uruguay . It is typical of the  gauchos culture. Although, when talking about milonga, the porteños refer to the places where tango is danced.

A large number of cultural spaces rest throughout the city. Tangueries with  orchestras  that play live and dancers who show their skills to the public, intertwining their legs with mathematician precision.

Some of them are a classic city and are visited by the most expert dancers. Others make up a circuit that has been developed in the face of tourism. Considering that the foreign traveler arrives in the country with only one goal: to enjoy a live tango show that moves him to the core. And that is how the proposal has been put together. It usually includes a dinner with a typical Argentinean meat-based menu.

Others instead prefer the charm of the usual milongas, which fit the customs of yesteryear. Others choose to approach tango in situ, taking dance classes and sharing pieces with beginners. Classes are held in tangueries and cultural centers. A basic training is enough to start dancing: eight simple movements made with precision.

If you are looking forward to meeting a milonga, it is advisable to arrive very early or leave well late. Then the track will be almost empty and you will have room to dance in comfort. On the other hand, there is no need to be accompanied to dance tango. Couples are assembled there, when the music resounds and men are looking for dance companion.

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Publication Date: 15/09/2019

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