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Bowling of Bessonart: the most famous corner of Areco

The Bessonart Pulperiy is a place full of history and emotions for the inhabitants of San Antonio de Areco. Meet him, with Gaston Ricaud.

“ We are Camino ” embarked on a trip to  San Antonio de Areco  , one of so many Argentine villages that preserve the  traditions  and customs intact. Pulperias are part of it and many of the constructions have been preserved for over 200 years. The old Bowling of Bessonart is a must stop for locals and tourists. It is located on the corner of Zapiola and Segundo Sombra streets, of that town. There the  countrymen  gather to have a few drinks and continue with the daily trail. It is a place full of history and of great meaning. A meeting place. We invite you to meet him.

Rating: 4.50/5.