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Between the quartet and the tango

In the city of the prettiest women, the fernet, the birra, there is also tango. Every Sunday, Cordoba comes together to take a few steps.


If it's about dancing, say no more. In Cordoba, we always look for it and set time and place. In this case, for dance tango, we meet on Sundays in the former square Vélez Sarsfield. Be is a strategic point. In addition to being spacious and having the ability to accommodate many tangueras couples, the moveis visible.

Young people and adults, people of all ages, pile up at the front of the Casa Radical in Córdoba. They install the speaker that transmits the best tangos to be able to dance. Between people dancing and people passing by, the current square Agustín Tosco becomes a party. This tradition is totally self-sustaining. The Cordobeses tangueros organize it. Every Sunday around 20:30, until about 00:30, they come together to share their passion for this dance. Besides, everyone is welcome. The idea of increasing the tango movement in the province is latent. And many people, just curious, end up adding to tango .

And who said that in Cordoba you only dance quartet?

Whoever said it was wrong. When treated in a province where people from all over the country and the world coexist, the musical styles are many. Artistic practices and dances, too. Each musical genre has its ritual: the quartet has dance and tango, the former Vélez Sarsfield square.

Besides, Cordoba has its stars. Many Cordoba participated in the Tango World Cup held in the province of Buenos Aires. From Córdoba, for the rest of the world, the show that is given in the square routinely every Sunday is free. Because it's about people who just come together to share. And, well, always some other spectator stays to watch, because it itches the bug of curiosity. And on top of that, as well as argent we are, we know that watching a couple dance tango is delighting with chemistry, rhythm and sensuality. This generates a mixture of emotions, which invites us to stay and rabble, whenever we hear a bandoneon that sounds.

And yes, we carry the dance in our skin. In its different expressions, with different rhythms and tones, we we take a few steps anywhere and Whatever. We Cordobes are like that.

Publication Date: 21/01/2020

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