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Beach, mate and… friar balls?

Direct competition from the churros, the friar balls are always relegated to the ritual of the beach mate. This summer,
| 07 January, 2020 |

If we say beach and mate, the third member of the team appears without thinking: the churros. Who hasn’t waited anxiously for the churrero, who happens every time, except when we really want churros. Who has not made desperate gestures with his arms to draw his attention, to the cries and nuts. Who hasn’t chased a churrero on the beach at least once in his life? Churreros, however, bring with them another treasure, perhaps less required, but not least – the balls of friar.

Something discriminated against in the ritual of mate ,the balls of friarremain valid throughout the years, but always in a second place. It’s like churro is the option logic, and every now and then we needed to do something crazy, different. So it’s when we asked for friar balls.

But when we do, we never regret it. The fluffy mass (which contrasts with the crispy churro) caresses our mouths until we reach the heart and explode with love: nothing cuter to find sweet milk at the end of the road.

The relegated, then, will be claim. All of a sudden, everyone wants a ball. Suddenly, no one remembers The churros. Let’s give them a chance this summer: let’s democratize the beach bill. That we have all year to do things right and well We got that friar ball.

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