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Annual show of children singers

As every year, the students of the School of Children Singers closed a new cycle to pure spectacle. It was at the legendary Teatro Independencia.


The end of the year is coming and students, parents and the general public are preparing for the closing ceremony of that cycle. This 2019 was no exception and he also said goodbye in a big way.   The annual exhibition of the School of Children Singers was a success, in the mother room,   Independencia Theatre   . Secondary level students again showed the great work being done in that house of study   . His musical knowledge was up to the top and represented in the best way the chosen theme:   music from the 70's and 80's, and its relationship with today.  

Marcelo Pérez, professor of Music Production, highlighted:”   We have made a show where we played a little with all the musical aesthetic of the 70s and 80s   . Making a comparison with current music. There were a lot of condiments, the boys played, acted and sang.”

The show of children singers is done every year, for a long time. But   for 3 or 4 years it has been done with live music   . The boys do choreography and theatrical performs. It has a thread and they're not just songs.   It is a way of working together with the rest of the artistic subjects such as Theater and Plastics.  

  A protagonist  

One of the participating students, Ornella Cutuli, pondered that “it is a show that takes a lot of work and we have done it all year round. It connects a lot with current music. The story of the show is well understood the musical relationship between the 70 and the 80's. A lot of current music is based on those foundations.”

Finally, Ornella highlighted the unity in the working group of young singers: “We, being a small school,   We're all very friends. It's very easy to work like this.   . We all do everything. I sing, dance and play.”

Publication Date: 20/12/2019

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