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An institution full of history

The Paraná Normal School, in Entre Ríos, was 150 years old. In a particular celebration, the convulsive beginning of its history was recalled.


Makes   150 years   , the world was another. The country was another. At that time, in a convulsive context in   Entre Rios   , is born   Paraná Normal School   . Today, the institution is witnessing much of our country's history, to which it has contributed much since the formation of generations of young people who have passed through their classrooms.

On June 13, a commemorative event of this anniversary was held. In a difficult year, in which celebrations become complicated, authorities from the Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (FHAYCS) and the Normal School, in a symbolic act, recalled the signing of the decree creating the first normal school in the country with the raising of the flag.   The institution was born in the convulsed Entre Ríos of 1870, when Domingo Faustino Sarmiento decreed its creation.  

A story full of senses, contradictions and tensions revolves around the School. The vision of   Sarmiento   , the resistance of the entrerriano federalism by the hand   Lopez Jordan   and intense conflict, which is related to the idea of the constitution of a national State of the   Generation of 80   .

A bit of history

At the commemorative event, which had the necessary health care in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the dean   Maria Grace Benedetti   it took some time to recover the history surrounding the School, resuming the research of Professor Norma Fernández Doux, historian of the institution.

“In 1869 Sarmiento raised the project to create schools that were authorized by law in October. Sanctioned the Law, it was left to work, but   1870 was a year marked by the conflict   . They were times of intense struggles at the national level, where Entre Rios and Lopez Jordan played a central role. It was also the end of the   paraguay war   ”.

Maria Gracia Benedetti, Dean of Paraná Normal School

Argentina's participation in this war had intensified internal divisions in the province, given the position of   Urquiza   in support of the national government's cause, in the face of the dispute between federal warlords such as Peñaloza and Varela, who rebelled against this war and called on the provincial federal authorities to articulate a cause to confront the national government's decision. Urquiza ignored the call of the warlords, but his troops and important referents refused to fight Paraguay.   1870 was the year of Urquiza's assassination in April and the interference of national troops into strategic locations in the province.  

A complicated start

The Sarmientin project requested authorization for the establishment of two normal schools, although it did not establish headquarters. Taking into account the political situation between the province, the province's educational tradition with the Colegio de Concepción del Uruguay and Francisco Ramírez's educational policy, and as a firm gesture to federalism,   Sarmiento decided to found the first School in Paraná, by decree of June 13, 1870.  

Disputes were such that classes could not start, despite being in the city who was appointed first director, Professor George Stearns, and his wife Julia Hope, appointed regent of the Department of Application, hired from the United States. That is why,   the formal start of the activities took place more than a year later   , on 16 August 1871.

Living heritage of Argentine culture

“Create a normal school in the city of Paraná with the plan to train competent teachers for common schools”: this is the article 1 of the decree.

However, the Jordanian rebellions continued. The tremendous disputes made the Normal cannot work until Sarmiento managed to beat Lopez Jordan. That was   the defeat of the last warlord in arms   which, under the banner of federalism, resisted the “peacemaker” onslaught of the national forces sent by Sarmiento. That was the beginning to end 60 years of civil wars.

The first normal school in the country began its way, a school that ended up being a hotbed for multiple schools in the national territory: the application school, the training of teachers, the kindergarten and the training of teacher gardeners. The Normal School of Paraná has multiplied its bets, debates and educational experiences, loaded with power such as   living heritage of argentinian culture   .

Publication Date: 25/06/2020

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