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AMIA: 26 young people born on July 18, 1994 star in “Birthday”

25 years after the attack on AMIA, the video proposes to measure the passage of time and the years that terrorism prevented 85 people from living.


“On July 18, I'm going to be 25 years old. Impunity also”. The 26 young people who star in “Birthday”, the new remembrance action produced by AMIA to renew the call for justice, agree —almost twinned — in this statement.

All were born on July 18, 1994. The day when a car bomb was embedded in front of the Pasteur 633 headquarters, perpetrating the worst terrorist attack committed in our country, the massacre that left the painful toll of 85 fatalities and more than 300 injured is still unpunished.

“To be born on July 18 is a mixture of sensations,” says one of the participants in the video. “I'm shocked that all the time of my life is what the victims were taken away,” says another of the young people called for this new project. “A country must have justice because those who commit crimes have to pay them,” says another participant who will turn 25 on Thursday 18.

The idea

With the idea and production of Elio Kapszuk, director of art and production at AMIA. “Birthday” proposes to size the passage of time, chart the years that terrorism prevented 85 people from living. And raise awareness about what it means to society. Especially for the new generations, continue to live with impunity.

Among the young people participating in “Birthday” -directed by Cecilia Atán - is actress, model and host Stefi Roitman. “For a while now, from AMIA we were exploring paths that continue to bring us closer to people who have no experiential memory of the attack,” Kapszuk explains. “So we got to Stefi who is a great influencer. Then we found out that he was born on July 18, 1994. From this fact, we started working to find more people born that day, and be able to generate with all a powerful action.”

It was possible to complete an extensive list of names of people who will turn 25 on July 18. Summoned by AMIA, the 26 young people who star “Birthdays” met to participate in the filming.

The protagonists

“AMIA says Gabriel Scherman, Director of Communication at AMIA and one of the producers of the video — we appreciate and value the commitment demonstrated by all the participants. They dedicated their time to us. They were present on a long day of recording. They gave us a testimony that allowed us to make an audiovisual piece that thrills, touches and invites us to reflect on something as profound as the passage of time, what we can do with it and what 85 people could not.”

“They didn't know each other. But the fact of being united by such a special date, and by an action to keep memory alive and fight oblivion, worked as a special and very powerful nexus for everyone,” adds Kapszuk. “The 26 young people who participated represent the time stolen from the fatal victims. They denounce, with a strong message, the lack of justice that has been with us for a quarter of a century. They will turn 25 on July 18; impunity, too,” he concludes.

The project was made possible thanks to the support of Fundación IRSA, Grupo INSUD, Grupo DESA Desarrolladora Energética S.A., Laboratorios ELEA, the production company “El Perro on the Moon” and Argentina Public Television.

Source: AMIA

Publication Date: 18/07/2019

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