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Agroecological fair: the Cordobes say no to the agrotoxic

The fair that gives us food to thousands of students and inhabitants of Cordoba celebrates years: the Agroecological fair. And it's all a party!


Every Saturday morning the Cordobeses meet in El Bosecito de la ciudad universitaria to make the weekly shopping at the agroecological fair. It is held in front of the Faculty of Information Sciences. There they arm themselves out of nowhere stalls of fruits, vegetables, nuts and many foods. The audience is wide and varied, from students who are just beginning to live alone to entire families.

The fair was born 6 years ago, and since it was born it keeps growing. We always offers a new stand, a reason for celebration, or a novelty. This year the birthday celebration of the fair brought clowns, piñatas, jugglers and games for everyone. In addition, workshops and talks will be held throughout the month as a way to sing her Happy Birthday! to the fair and to the fairgrounds. From 9:00 to 13:00, we we all come together to share.

The agroecological fair represents much more than a fight against the agrotoxic agents that poison our population. This space is constituted as a focus of support for enterprises self-management, family projects and institutions committed to the cause. In addition to boosting and helping small producers with perspective agroecological, the fair raises awareness. Offers greater offer and gives visibility to the Argentine food reality today.

Supported by the National University of Córdoba, the agroecological fair leaves our belly full and our hearts happy. Especially happy, because it makes a commitment to food sovereignty, the collective support of agricultural production and the care of our bodies.

Thanks to the fair that has given me so much...

In these 6 years there were many hands working, not only the land, but also from the organization of the fair. Among them are all the attendees and broadcasters of this initiative. People committed to the fight for food without agrochemicals. Family farmers and small farmers who support this movement, and grow alongside it. The UNC as a formal institution that provides space and constant support. Professionals working in different programs to support agroecological production. Among them: Pro Huerta INTA, Secretariat of Family Agriculture of the Nation, Secretariat of Family Agricultural Production and Rural Areas Development Program - PRODEAR of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food of the province of Córdoba, College of Agricultural Engineers.

Thanks to all these personalities groups and institutions, Cordoba can eat dishes without ingredients harmful to health.

Publication Date: 24/01/2020

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