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Achilata, Tucuman tradition against heat

It's fresh like ice cream, it can go in cones or glasses like ice cream, but it's not ice cream.
14 December, 2019

The heat in the northern provinces is a serious thing, more in Tucumán or Santiago that, sometimes, seem to be geographically located next to the sun. When temperatures high whip, they appear, capeless heroes to the cry of “achilata!”.

Achilata has become a tradition and has established a direct relationship with heat. Looks like I’m talking about a potion. magic, but no, it’s a well-thought-out combination of crushed ice with dye red and sweetening. A substance with the consistency of an ice cream and with its same freshness.

This food does not understand social classes or moments. In hot weather it is indispensable to have an achilator nearby. In spring and summer it is its high season, the achilata is seen everywhere. On sightseeing trips, in parks, on football courts, at fairs, where you imagine.

Tucuman tradition

Achilata is cheaper than ice cream, this is possible by its simple manufacture. But the scope he’s had is inexplicable. The brightness of that red is unique, when you see that color, you begin to feel relief from the heat. The product has not only become popular, it has become an icon of Tucuman gastronomic culture and a tradition. The practice of eating achilata when the heat is very strong is logical in this province.

This refreshing option is matched to other foods characteristic of Tucumán, such as its famaillá empanadas and Pancake. The latter have a history similar to achilata, but not so extreme with the weather. Visiting this province requires you to chart your schedule marking classic places such as the Historic House or Tafí del Valle. And, when it comes to thinking about the local food , when you finish your empanadas or humita, that conito stuffed with red must be in your hands to offer you a unique flavor of the North.

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