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A whole town bathed in Alpine Chocolate

Throughout the month of July, Villa General Belgrano is bathed in Alpine chocolate. A very special celebration honors the favorite food of sweet and sweet tooth.


The Alpine Chocolate Festival is a tradition that, over the years, does not lose its validity. Each edition is highly anticipated, not only by locals, but also by thousands of visitors. This festival involves a revolution at the provincial level,as visits to the mountains of Cordobaare reactivated throughout the month.

The 35th edition of this celebration was celebrated in 2019. Always, the month of chocolate is inaugurated through the ceremony of chocolate fondue, the long-awaited ritual that initiates the sweetest month in the province of Cordoba. The villagers designated for this task distribute brochettes free of charge ,wearing typical clothes. This tradition consists in preparing a paila full of chocolate,in which everyone present can bathe their brochettes with various fruits.

A rich and gluttonous winter

The festival aims to present the diversity of chocolate. Artisanal, in branch, melted, in bar, with nuts, peanuts oras it comes!Thousands ofstandsoffer pastries, sweetness and chocolates ranging from traditional black or white shapes to craziest varieties.With nuts, almonds, cherries, sweet or bitter, crispy or stuffed, and a thousand more options . Attend this feast of flavor is a treat to the soul, as the sweetness of this meal floods every corner of the property where it is celebrated. And not only does it infect visitors with its sweetness, but also all the posts that participate in their endeavors. This original ceremony of Villa General Belgrano is held in the coldest month of the Calamuchita Valley.It is the ideal time to fill ourselves with chocolate calories that heat our body and fill us with energy . In addition, it coincides with the winter holidays, allowing whole families to attend and delight.

Sweet childhood

The Alpine Chocolate Festival takes place in an Event Hall that transforms intothe Alpine Show.You can think of this room as if it were the wonderful world of Willy Wonka, the movie Charlie and the chocolate factory . A place where thousands of people work to produce delicious and tempting food. A world of chocolate . Or, this show brings up the sweet house from the classic tale of Hansel and Gretel. A structure made of food that invites us to taste everything that surrounds us.So this meeting takes us on a journey through childhood, to the times of sweets and empachos . It is a sweet journey through our collective imaginary and through our customs.

In addition, as a rule, this holiday has the first part of the shows intended for children of the family. The little ones can enjoy artistic grids specially organized for them. And then, expand the shows so thatthe family can enjoy at the same time. Typical dances, orchestras of Central European music, national folklore and numbers in which the audience participates. This event is inspired by the culture of immigrants from Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Italy. It works as a tribute and recognition, as well as a new proof of our multicultural Cordoba. It is not only made up of immigrant roots but also of native communitiesthat left us their mark . This diverse identityconstitutes us as Cordoba. Since this province welcomes people from all over the world. They end up talking with tune!

The Alpine Chocolate Festival is part of our culture. It is one of the most awaited festivals by families, and it is consolidated as one of the longest celebrations in our province. Since 1985 this celebration accompanies us and sweetens our hearts.

Publication Date: 12/07/2020

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