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A virtual tour of history

Ibatín Virtual is the proposal that takes you to explore the first settlement in the city of San Miguel de Tucumán. Ready for the ride?


Ibatín (Pueblo Viejo or Tucumán Viejo) is the name of the first settlement of San Miguel de Tucumán. The city was founded by Captain Diego de Villaroel in 1565 on the banks of the Pueblo Viejo River . With a square in the center and in the form of a checkerboard, Ibatín responded to the model of the Spanish-American cities that were founded in those years. However, constant flooding — given its location, pests and a new road down from upper Peru — led to the decision to move it to its current location.

However, even though many years have passed, Ibatín means a lot to Tucuman people . That is why the initiative of Ibatín Virtual, which invites a tour of what the city was like at that time, is a project that seeks to rescue our roots. During the tour you can observe the most embatique places of the city with information about what life was like in those years.

The square located in the center of the city, the council and the churches are some of the places that formed the base of Ibatín. Meanwhile, thanks to a voice guides you along the route, you will get an idea of that historic city.

If I go to Tucumán, can I visit her?

Yes, it is located in the commune of León Rouges, 6 kilometers from Monteros. To get there, follow Provincial Route No. 325, cross the bridge over the Pueblo Viejo River, turn left and continue along a dirt road. After 5 kilometres you can access the archaeological site of Ibatín. There is no direct public transport from the capital to get there. You can access it by private vehicle or go by bus to Monteros and from there you can hire the service of rural remis for the transfer to the place. This information is provided by the Tourism entity of Tucumán.

Publication Date: 12/07/2020

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