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A tradition that remains on hold

The feast of the Holy Cross of Miracles is a tradition of Correntin that is kept alive thanks to the lighting of thousands of luminaires.

Una tradición que se mantiene prendida

In Argentina, there is a tradition of “pulling up”. But the feast of the Holy Cross of Miracles is a unique spectacle, worthy of witness. The night before May 3, the runners light candles on the doors and windows of their homes.  Hundreds, thousands!, of luminaires, candles and velons illuminate the streets, in honor of the faith and the founding of Corrientes .

While the world has replaced the candle with electric and cellular light, in  Corrientes  the luminaries represent the return to the original faith. “The people of Correntinos participate in this tradition of lighting candles as a family. This alludes to the processions of our  ancestors  from the main square to the hermitage where the Cross was. The candle reminds us of our own faith,” explains a priest in Corrento.

This tradition in Corrento involves all the neighborhoods near the Church of the Cross. Cambá Cuá, Center, Sports, La Cruz, Riachuelo, Santa Ana and Itati meet every year in this procession of light and spiritual renewal.

 The origin of tradition 

The story tells that the Spanish conquistador Juan Torres de Vera y Aragon founded the city of Vera, the current city of Corrientes. There he raised a wooden cross in honor of the Catholic religion.  Later, the place was set on fire by Aborigines, and believe it not, only the cross was saved from  fire  . Following this episode began to be called “Cross of the Miracle”.

Today, the original cross is preserved, along with five altarpieces dating from 1920, in the temple of the Holy Cross of Miracles. Protected by a hermitage, it is located two kilometres from the main square. To it, the runners often pilgrimage, especially in times of need.

 For work reasons,  pilgrimages  took place at night. For this purpose, some neighbors were entrusted with the task of preparing the luminaires : candles, candles, lamps and fire. Today, to remember the devotion of the ancestors, candles are lit in a climate of respect and prayer.

Publication Date: 23/09/2020

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