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A trip to the lake of the Park

A classic of physical activity in Mendoza. People of all ages attend General San Martín Park to train.


There are no statistics or surveys on the subject, but, if done, 7 or 8 out of 10 Mendoza have, at least once, given a return to the lake of  General San Martín Park . By  bike , skating, running, walking or in any way that means minimal physical demand.  Some will have stayed on it, in the debut and farewell. However, the vast majority is spread. The microclimate and its temperate temperatures are, especially in summer, an unavoidable attraction for outdoor enthusiasts.

 It's a tradition for the whole society.  For example, this is what a 59-year-old lady understands that this is not the first time she frequents the park:  “All life, every day. I know all the people.  It does me very good, it gives me a lot of energy and energy.”

 In hot days the subject is more complicated, however, at 6 or 7 in the morning, high temperatures still do not impact.  Nélida knows it: “Now it's cooler. Later the humidity is very much felt. You have to leave early now in summer, if not, then in the winter, you can at any time.” In addition, our interviewee has a routine frequency: “2 or 3 times a week, one hour.”

For all ages

 But tradition is passed on from generation to generation. Thus, some young people, like Lucas and Mariana, also get up early to train , even though it is not common in boys their age: “We come at 7 in the morning. We take a walk and another running. And we do it at this time because now it's cooler than at night, there are fewer people.”

Finally,  it is very important to respect the   recommendations  when walking or practicing activity in hot times  , so one of the park's athletes warns that”you always have to be well hydrated, comfortable and with shoes suitable for walking.” And so the day starts more enjoyable:  “Now you're going to work cooler.”  

Finally, obviously, the goal is to stay in shape, or try to approach that goal. However, Angel takes it with humor, when he was consulted about when he goes for a walk:  “If he were of all his life, he would be skinny.”  

Publication Date: 07/02/2020

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