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A new journey by Metrotram

For work, study or for walks. We Mendoza make the trip on this urban train just to enjoy their ride. Quite a novelty.


The younger Mendoza. The millennials, centennials or, simply, the less graying we have tired of hearing stories and anecdotes about the old trains that walked or passed through our province. And, as always, believing that all past time was better. So, making a train trip was a mystery that we wanted to reveal until the Metrotram arrived in Mendoza. Perhaps readers in other cities of the country or the world will not understand it. Because they probably were born in cities or countries where the train is common. But not here. That's why we have the Metrotram, the only train that runs through our city and, as such, we venerate it.

Its construction

In 2009 work began on the roads already traced and installed, and abandoned, of the old San Martin. This is from the town of Gutiérrez, in Maipú, to the City of Mendoza. ( The last stage that extends the tour to the department of Las Heras).

Finally, it was opened in 2012. People and passengers of the departments of Maipú, Godoy Cruz, Ciudad and Las Heras remained fully grateful that they were offered a new means of transport, alternative to the traditional collective, and a little faster.

In total there are 11 formations that travel through the 18 kilometers from Maipú to Las Heras. It has 24 stations and terminals are Gutiérrez Station and Parador Avellaneda.

It is also important to mention that the idea of the state is get the service to the international airport and thus offer another way to enter the City for tourists.

The layout

As explained above, the Metrotram and its tracks were built on the existing tracks of a train service that would work in the past. That's why it doesn't end up being a shuttle service. fully effective, since population growth has led to large cities and conglomerates stay very far from any of the stops that make up the route.

However, it is important to note that the stops are correctly located to establish transshipment with the bus service, as well as to take some of the bikes of the municipal terminals and complete our trip on two wheels.

Finally, it is important to know that the total journey between the start station and the terminal station is 45 minutes, on average. And, on the other hand, it should be noted that the price of the ticket, at the moment, is 18 pesos and is paid with the Red Bus card .

Publication Date: 11/01/2020

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