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A new edition of “Rivadavia sings to the country” is coming

In its 34th edition, the classic Rivadavia festival, Mendoza, will bring together outstanding national and local artists. Meet the grid.
| 05 February, 2020 |

The summer season in Mendoza is marked by the realization of dozens of musicfestivals . But the most important is definitely the one that takes place in the eastern part of the province, more precisely, in the department of Rivadavia. There, in the month of February, dozens of local and national artists pass through the stage to vibrate and sing thousands of people who come together every night. All accompanied by the best gastronomic offer .

This year, as is tradition, the Festival takes place in the second month of 2020, in February, from 4 to 9. The XXXIV Edition of the Festival Rivadavia Canta al País will be held in the Predio that every year is prepared to receive Rivadavienses and tourists from all over the country who come to the department to enjoy some of the biggest festivals in Argentina.

Artists who will be on stage in 2020:

Wednesday 5 February:Wos, Yas Gagliardi, What They’ll say! , Warm up Djs Aka Delicia vs Lea Poloni and Kerny.

Thursday, February 6:Tropical Night. – Rodrigo Tapari, La Repandilla, La Konga, Los Chakales, Los Playeros, La Base and Eh!!! Guacho.

Friday 7 February:Tini Stoessel, Leandro Lovato, Skandalosa Crew, Adrián Sorrentino (Humor), Carlos Méndez, Kuyén, Youth Band, Cuyo Guitarras, The Return, Brothers Gomez, Fourth Crescent, North Wind, Anabel Molina.

Saturday 8 February:Abel Pintos, Natalie Perez, Jairo, Fabricio Rodríguez, Beto Moya (Humor), Los Filippis, The 18 Ropes, Mabel Quiroga, sisters Massa, Los Huarpes and Eluney Musri.

Sunday 9 February:Chaqueño Palavecino, Luciano Pereyra, Joaquín Aguilar, Beto Moya (Humor), Blas Blotta, Munaycú, José Molina, Los Soñadores, La Creciente, Hermanos Vilches, Ariel Fernandez and Facundo Capelloni.


The value of the tickets ranges from $250 to $1000 per night. They can be purchased online at Or, further information can be obtained at

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