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A German holiday in the heart of the Santafesino territory

There is a Santafesina town that keeps all the German tradition. A must-see winter event: the Great Goulasch of Humboldt.

Una fiesta alemana en pleno territorio santafesino

Humboldt is  one of the famous   agricultural   colonies  of the Santafesino interior. It was founded as a subsidiary of the most important in its department,  Esperanza . It is separated from the provincial capital 60 kilometers, along provincial route 70 and National 11. It is a beautiful and prosperous village where German tradition is preserved. In this regard, researching the popular festivals of Santa Fe, I got a big surprise with what happens eh Humboldt. This village let me know that  German festivals with typical dishes and beers are not only found in resorts  like  Villa General Belgrano . A few kilometers from the capital of Santafesina you can enjoy this beautiful European festival, which exalts an exquisite and very typical dish: goulasch. The sad global circumstances that affected us all this 2020 meant that the celebration cannot be done. It is always organized for August. But the people of Humboldt look at the situation with optimism: they are already thinking of a Great Goulasch 2021 that is worth remembering.

The Gran Gulasch  gathers around 400 diners every year  in the Social Hall of Club Atletico Sarmiento.  TheGerman Union of Humboldtis the organiser of the event.  They are always looking for visitors to enjoy a typical European meal prepared in an artisanal way. It is the special feature of the holiday. The menu specially prepared for that evening includes:  Gulasch with Creamed Potatoes; Variety of Breads; Apfelstrudel with Vanilla Sauce, Coffee; German Cake  and Traditional Glühwein,  Wine  hot.

As a good holiday in Santafesina, everything is accompanied by the best music. But this is very particular: dance groups and instruments are well German. They stand out very much for their color and skills when it comes to choreographies.  Everyone starts dancing  Austrian, Tyrolean and southern German dances.  

 A unique dish 

Goulash is a delicious dish of Austro-Hungarian origin composed of  a kind of beef stew, onions, chili peppers and paprika . Although it is not originally from Germany, over time, it became one of the most eaten dishes by the Germans. It is made with second cuts of meat, which are usually hard; that is why  the secret is a slow cooking so that the meat is very tender. 

When the German Union was born in 2001, they needed to generate a party to make themselves known. Gastronomy, they knew, was a very important leg. They thought, first, of other typical German meals, but one of the women who was at the time in the Commission proposed Gulasch. One night  they came together  to try it and were delighted.   Quickly, the word of the typical dish spread throughout Humboldt . People didn't see the hours of going to the party.

The first dinner was made with about 60 people in the Hall of the Evangelical Church. Then, the event passed to the Federal Tyre Hall and, when I saw  er  o  n  that I had already won a place, they went to the Salon of Club Sarmiento, much larger.

Humboldt is waiting for you to try his goulasch. A  typical evening, with lots of color, tradition  and of course... the warm and cheerful climate of a real German holiday.

Publication Date: 05/10/2020

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