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A festival that breaks it

We tell you everything about the Pejerrey Regional Festival, which takes place in Cruz del Eje and does not stop gathering fans.


This festival is very particular. It's going crazy   fishing lovers   , and bewitches those who are always looking for an excuse to walk. It is done in   Cross of the Axis   , town with   amazing tourist attractions   . And it is a key meeting point for fans of this sport. The categories are so many, and the prizes are the best: kayaks, engines and boats are in dispute. The competition keeps the suspense until we know who will be the winner.

What everyone loves in the town about the festival, is that all   campsites   and accommodations in the area are crowded. Most competitors go in large groups, with family or with friends, who   make them endurance   . Not only do Cordobeses participate, they come     fishermen from all over the country     . And that is why this festival is taking more and more strength. Cruz del Eje has it as another source of income, and always becomes a whirl of tourist explosion. It is that, who comes from another province, does not miss touring   a little the cordovan wonders   .

  With a single festival we can't reach...  

This festival had its repercussions. And that is why, since he did not reach only with the pejerrey, they created the     regional festival   from la tararira   . Yes, we Cordobeses are like this: with a single festival it's not enough for us. Fishermen   are on the leap   to participate. The organizers of these events are the   Municipality of Cruz del Eje   and the   Shopping Center, Industrial and Annexes   . These entities are responsible for the location, registration and collection of prizes. In addition, they elect trained judges, so that the competences are fair and balanced.

The nice thing about this festival is that it invites the whole family to participate. The little ones have their   special category   . And adults compete with each other in the Murallón and Embarcado categories. Quite a novelty. This festival celebrates   family customs   , and aims to keep these traditions alive. Therefore, the importance of participation of the whole family and children's category.

Publication Date: 02/02/2020

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