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A dessert made emblem

Balcarce Dessert is an entity among Argentine desserts. In his hometown, he is honored with a national holiday.


A national holiday in honor of a dessert. Like many other celebrations around the country, which honor the product that stands out in a particular locality, the Balcarce National Dessert Festival is celebrated in the city of Balcarce, in Buenos Aires. A true celebration of the magnificent Argentine pastries .

It all began in the 1950s, in the kitchen of the Confectionery Paris. There Guillermo Talou had an idea that would mark a before and after in the city. On a thin layer of sponge cake, he placed an exquisite sweet of milk, meringue and chantilly cream, and the unfailing sugar impalpable for the cover. He called it Imperial dessert and started selling it at his place. The success was immediate: every Sunday long queues were formed to wait for the fresh delicacy. In 1959, the recipe was sold to a firm in Mar del Plata, where it was renamed in honor of its city of origin with the name with which we know it until today: Dessert Balcarce.

The essence of dessert, however, remained in its hometown. Years later, Talou teamed up with a friend, took out the recipe from the drawer and launched again into the adventure. They decided to open a new confectionery and relaunch the dessert. But they needed a new name. So, they put together the words “like” and “before” and had the solution: like before. That's what they call dessert and confectionery.

The confectionery Comoantes, the taste of sweetness opened its doors on December 26, 1970. Word of mouth did the rest. Soon it became a muststop for all those who return from their vacation on the coast.

The original recipe

What makes this dessert unique is that its production is entirely handmade and only raw materials of the best quality are used. The biscuit is cooked in wood-burning ovens, made of refractory bricks and foundry fittings. For filling, natural milk cream, vanillin, praline (almond paste), glacé brown (candied chestnuts), confectionery milk, meringues and nuts are used. To decorate, impalpable sugar and grated coconut on the sides. In addition, it does not contain preservatives or additives.

Special for sweet tooth

Since 2003 the festival has been held in this city of Buenos Aires. Ten years later, it was elevated to the status of national. It is a gastronomic festival for the whole family, where there are activities and shows and, above all, many desserts and sweet things to taste.

One of the classics is the traditional Taste Gastronomic Competition, where professionals and amateurs show off in a delicious competition. More than 50 desserts are presented to juries, who choose the best of the year. There are also the Waitress and Waitress Race, special activities for children and artistic shows.

Thus, the Balcarce National Dessert Festival has become a tourist icon that enhances the identity and tradition of regional sweet foods.

Publication Date: 11/07/2020

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