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A celebration of good wood

Every year the missionary city of San Vicente becomes the cradle of the National Wood Festival and we tell you about it.

Una celebración de buena madera

A  noble material  that leaves no one to foot. We all have some object in our homes that is made of it and has passed through generations. It is the  canvas  of multiple  artistic interventions  . Its characteristic  aroma  gives warmth and helps a home feel like a home. It exists in various textures, densities, lengths and even a color bears its name. The  wood  is the daughter of nature and has a  feast  within the country that honors it.

To return to the origins of the event we have to travel to October 1982. It all emerged as an initiative of a group of neighbors who wanted to pay  tribute to the timber worker  and bring the community together. The aim was also to  claim the  identity   of the citizens of an Argentine region whose economy depends to a large extent on this component. Undoubtedly, its main north when it comes to carrying out the idea was always to generate a  family atmosphere .

Although in its beginnings it was designed for locals, with the passage of time it managed  to grow  in attendance and relevance. This led to the fact that it became recognized provincially and eventually obtained a national status. At first, it was held in the months of October, November or December, but then moved to the first weeks of May. Currently, it represents one of the most important meetings in the province of  Misiones .

It is promoted by the  Organizing Commission of the National Wood Festival  and has the municipal support of San Vicente. It takes place in the sports hall of the city, where a wide range of products made with the material are exhibited. During the days, we find artisanal, industrial, commercial and agricultural exhibitions. It also has competitions of hacheros, cassava pela and to catch the pig.

 Why in St. Vincent? 

It is a  town  located in the center of Misiones, at the point where National Route 14 and Provincial Route 13 join. There, yerba mate, tea, tobacco and livestock are planted. However, the main  productive work  is taken by  logging  from native and implanted forests. Around 60 sawmills are located in the area, where different workings are made. Some of them are floors, coverings, openings, furniture and elements for construction.

While economic activity plays an important role in the village, all residents expect the date to come to celebrate. The party  runs  for  four hectic days  , from Thursday to Sunday, and ends with Family Night. When the moon appears, a grid of shows is displayed that includes the presentation of local and regional artists. In addition, the election of the queen is made, with many young aspirants waiting to take the place.

This   tradition ,  which already has its good gait, is part of the local  idiosyncrasy  . At the same time, it can be seen as recognition of workers in the sector. We are no longer talking just about noble material, but also about a source of food for citizens. And they know it. They are  proud of where they come  and what characterizes them. At some point they were only highlighted by the forest activity and, later, they were encouraged to create a festival the corone. I don't know Saint Vincent, but  he looks like good  wood  .

Publication Date: 11/08/2020

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