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#8M: from recognition to the movement

#8M was born as a recognition of a group of workers who died in a fire in New York, and today became a social movement.


March is a very special month for all women. Everything that once started as a gender recognition was transformed into an international social movement called #8M.

 Thousands of women of different races, nations, ages and ideologies have been congregating for three years every March 8. That day they share the same flag and a single claim: “Eradicate all kinds of violence against women”.    

The #8M is reverted with a new target.  To make visible that 50%  of our population,  of our women   who,  as Bebe says,  “are tired of throwing in the towel.”  Their voices sound in unison calling for protection, empathy, respect, equality of conditions and the effective exercise of their rights.

It is a  date to reflect and work together and together on the type of society we have and the type of society we want . It is an invitation to found new social contracts where lost values prevail and new ones arise. A  time when  it is necessary to  leave behind patriarchy and social and cultural  mandates   imposed over the years.

Free and not brave

 No more boys or girls toys, no football just for men. No more prejudices about clothing and personal choices. No more whistling down and women walking in fear down the street. No more submissive and brave women victims of femicides. 

Today you will find out that the world is just for you,
that no one can hurt you
No one can hurt
you Today you will understand that fear
It can be broken with a single slam.


It is necessary  to promote in future generations all colors and an equitable society that allows us to transcend as human beings . Let's put aside black and white. Let's break the barriers with one slammer, and let the grays in.

Many are the conquests that, as a society, we have ahead. However,  this March 8, we will mobilize to continue to demand for a less violent world, where women      and  we can be free and not brave. 

Publication Date: 07/03/2020

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By: Marcelo 07 March, 2020

Muy lindo Lau!

By: Laura Exposito 18 March, 2020

En respuesta a

Gracias Marce querido por participar y estar siempre presente.

By: Luliana Schafer 30 March, 2020

Hermoso Lau !!" Reconocer nuestras diferencias es aceptar la igualdad" un largo camino y estamos en eso !! . Besitos Lau hermosa !!

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