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5 traditions of the most indigenous side of Buenos Aires

We think of Buenos Aires and the first images that wake us up are football, tango and elegant European architecture, right?

feria mataderos

Experiences to discover our usual customs.

We think of  Buenos Aires  and the first images that wake us up are  football ,  tango  and elegant European  architecture  , right? However, there are other very significant traditions that reveal the most Creole side we have as Argentines.

1. Dance at the peñas of the city

The clubs are meetings, not to say parties, that combine traditional music, dance and gastronomy from the different regions of  Argentina . In some cases they have a formal schedule of guest bands and musicians; in others, with open stages where anyone can pass with an instrument and join for an improvised ensemble. Whatever the format, there is a guaranteed premise: you're going to have a good time and take nice memories.

2. Enjoy our music in historic cafes

In  Buenos Aires  there are more than 70 spaces classified as  Notable Bars  , recognized for their historical, cultural or architectural importance for the city and, without a doubt, stopping for  coffee  in one of these places is like taking a trip back in time. Some have their own  tango shows, while others present local jazz and folk bands; in both cases the atmosphere generated radiates history and nostalgia.

3. Celebrate a taste feast in the still lifes

The influence of European immigration, mainly  Italy , has left a profound legacy in Buenos Aires. This is very well represented in the city's still lifes, colorful neighborhood restaurants serving generous portions of traditional dishes such as  empanadas , homemade cakes,  Milanese , at a very reasonable price and with a great personalized service. It's good to be accompanied: you probably need to share your dish!

4. Try even the lesser-known courts

The first thing we have to say is that in Buenos Aires you will find the best  meat  in the world; and secondly, that its star cuts go far beyond traditional dishes (even, it is believed that the preferred cut of gauchos was the tongue). So when you're on a porteña grill, don't forget to ask the grill some good  lemon  gizzards and some well salted  chinchulines  .

5. Spends a Sunday at the Mataderos Fair

Buenos Aires has many outdoor craft fairs in squares and parks around the city. The largest is the  Mataderos Fair , which is held in the neighborhood of the same name every Sunday. Where used to be the slaughterhouse that gathered the city with the countryside, every Sunday from 11 a.m. tourists can find Creole and Gauchesca crafts, such as  ponchos ,  mattes  and cutlery.


Publication Date: 25/10/2019

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