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5 customs that are synonymous with Argentina

We have many customs, but there are some that distinguish us and define us. What are the traditions that are
| 14 January, 2020 |

Traditions, for Argentines, are sacred. We have many; some shared throughout the country, others of each region. But there are several customs that are synonymous with Argentina: those with which we all feel identified and by which recognize us all around the world.

Today we tell you 5 customs that are synonymous with Argentina.

1. Matte

Mate is a custom that crosses all our customs. In different ways, it sneaks into our lives and is part of all our moments. Alone, with family, with friends, day at night, hot and cold: it’s always a good time to take a mate.

2. The roast

In Argentina, it’s always a nice day to make a roast. Our gastronomy revolves around meat, and roast is everyone’s weakness. The ritual that is generated between the coals, the previous sting and the final applause for the spit is not repeated anywhere else in the world.

3. The Dulce de leche

In all Argentine houses there is a pot of dulce de leche. We use it on toast, desserts and, in addition, it is the star of our favorite treat: alfajor . I don’t know what would be of us without the dulce de leche.

4. Football

Football is a serious issue: if there is an important match, whole cities stop. The passion that is not explained is the country’s number one sport; the most watched and the most played. And, if the national team plays, the whole country stops.

5. Tango

Melancholic in its lyrics and sensual in its dance, tango is a perfect metaphor for Argentines. The music that falls in love with those who listen to it is another of the customs that are synonymous with our country .

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