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5 Cordovan postas and their national holidays

We tell you all about 5 Cordovan postas that have their tradition and passion. Come visit them, I came to celebrate!


 In the province of Córdoba, in addition to being quarteteros and ferneters... we are partymen!  That's why every time there's an excuse, we set up  a national holiday.   In this note  we will tell you  5 postas that have their traditional celebration. 

1. Cosquín: National Folklore Festival

 The Plaza Prospero Molina in the town of Punilla Valley, Cosquín, is the key point of the city.   In this place  there is the renowned  National Folklore Festival, which calls us all to the cry of “a-qui Cooos- quiiiin!“.

This party is the perfect excuse to have a good time, and have a getaway to the mountains of Cordoba, where you will find  cozy corners  and  landscapes that fall in love . This tradition arises as a need for the population  to make the culture of Cosquín visible.  Therefore, it is an event that attracts tourism and reactivates the life of the town.  Let's dance, to our National Festival! 

2. Cruz del Eje: National Olive Tree Festival

 In Cruz del Eje, 50% of the country's olive production is found  , which is why the National Olive Festival is held here. Every year this celebration is organized because this place is the  largest producer of olives and olive oil.  Within this framework,  various producers meet and present their working methods with a  striking variety  of products derived from olives.In addition,  a fair with flavours of all kinds is organized.  Like every national holiday, a stage is erected in which, of course, unique music bands and shows are presented, for dancing.

3. Canals: White Gold National Festival

 For 50 years, this Cordovan tradition has been celebrated in the town of Canals .  It is a town  that is located in the Unión department, southeast of the Cordovan province. The meeting takes place every January, on the first weekends of the year. In this context, the aim is  to pay tribute to workers in the dairy industry.  Industry that is  one of the protagonists with the largest productions in the area.  That is why the Municipality of Canals  is played  and organizes this event.  Because the delight  of cheeses deserves to be recognized as white gold. And because their workers, they deserve the best.

4. Oncative: National Festival of Salame

 This festival delight  takes place in the city of Oncativo. This town belongs to the  department of Río Segundo  and is located in the center of the province of Cordoba. Just 76 km from the provincial capital. Like many other towns in the humid pampa, Oncativo became the  home of many transatlantic immigrants,  about all  or Italians Piedmont and Spaniards.  The tradition of Salame Casero comes from the other side of the pond, to stay. And  become one of the traditions  par excellence of this Cordovan area.   The production of  chacinados, that is, dehydrated meats, in home procedures is  recognized nationally.  They come from foreign traditions that came to stay and  be part of our identity.  So the  National Holiday of Salame Homemade arises. 

The most striking thing about this meeting is the  local competition of high prestige . Since each of the producers are presented, compete for the stalls of  King del Salame home and King of Salame commercial.  Wearing these badges, in these lands, is to carry the trademark of an  original and unmissable taste.  This tradition was born in 1975, in 1976 it was declared  of provincial interest,  and in 2001 the  national recognition of the Salame Casero Festival was achieved. 

5. La Falda: National Tango Festival

 This festival already takes its 37th edition, takes place during the month of July the city of La Falda and is one of the most important in the world,  as prestigious dancers participate.  The meeting  consists of a dance contest to the rhythm of the genre that represents us. In this framework there are shows, classes, seminars and competitions.  In addition, there are attractions such as Expotango, tributes to different popular references and interviews with outstanding characters from this melodic world. This event is for the whole family  and especially for the argentos more tangueros. 

 This celebration seeks to make our popular and national culture visible.  In addition to connecting with the transculturality that inhabits us and constitutes us as Argentines. Since this musical genre  was declared   Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco at the request of the cities of Buenos Aires and Montevideo.  

Publication Date: 01/12/2020

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