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5 Argentinean desserts that everyone should try

Desserts are passion and perdition in Argentina. We have a great variety and a main star: the dulce de leche. Shall we try them?


Food is an important part of our traditions. Lucky for you. The best things happen around the table, and whenever it's gathered, there's food. Among all that, desserts are our doom. And we are fortunate to have a great ally: the dulce de leche, which sneaks into almost all our recipes.

For the sweet tooth, here's five. Argentine desserts that everyone should try at least once in a lifetime.

1. Alfajores

First of all, the most consumed delicacy by Argentines. Alfajores are part of our daily lives. Not only do they work as a dessert: they can also be a snack (not very healthy, but snack at last) . There are different types, sizes and shapes. Each province has its own. They can be stuffed with dulce de leche, but also with jam or chocolate mousse. They can be bathed in chocolate or covered with impalpable sugar or meringue. What do you have in common? They're all great.

2. Pancakes with sweet milk

Egg, flour, milk, and a little of cooking skills: that's all it takes to enjoy this Delight. In Argentina they eat well finite and accompanied — as could not be another way— for sweet milk. Of course there are other variants, but this is the one we all want.

3. Chocotorta

Everyone's favorite, by far. Chocotorta is simple, delicious, and best of all is that anyone can make it. It emerged as a promotional strategy and stayed on our birthdays and in our hearts forever. Chocolate cookies, sweet milk and cream cheese: pure magic.

4. Cheese and sweet

Also known as dessert vigilante, is another Argentine classic. It's just a cut. thick cheese (Pategrás type) on which a thick cut of sweet Quince. There is also the sweet potato version. Simple and traditional.

5. Mixed flan

Another of our star desserts and perhaps one of the most popular. Homemade flan with cream and sweet milk. A bomb . Flavors, sensations (and calories, of course). Impossible not to travel to childhood in every bite.

Publication Date: 25/02/2020

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