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Tips for trekking in Córdoba

Trekking and outdoor activities, among the proposals to enjoy Córdoba. We throw you some tips so you can come with the prepared bag.

Trekking Córdoba

The province offers many alternatives for lovers of walks through attractive natural landscapes. We give you useful tips before embarking on a trekking in the area.

There are many alternatives for lovers of walks through attractive  natural landscapes in Cordoba . Among these options,   trekking in the mountains  stands out, with possibilities ranging from short walks along peaceful trails, to excursions of several hours, with ascents and descents that demand a good physical preparation.

This is a  rewarding activity . It has health benefits such as strengthening muscle tone, improving the circulatory system and stimulating the immune system.

But, as in the practice of any physical exercise, some precautions should be taken into account. Especially those who have no previous experience in trekking.

 Tips for beginners 

  1. Before you start a walk through the mountains  find information about  the area you are thinking of touring.
  2.   Wear suitable clothes : sneakers with a good sole and light clothing. As saws have high thermal amplitude (at night temperature markedly drops), go with a warm.
  3. Also  bring drinking water  , sunscreen, hat and glasses.
  4. During the  walk pay attention  to the relief of the road. As far as possible  avoid steep slopes  (ascending and descending) as they can cause tripping and falling.
  5. Keep in mind that  there's no cell phone signal on the mountain.
  6. I chose trails and paths that are clear and defined. Avoid walking through places with high grasslands or among stones as they are the natural habitat of vipers.
  7. Do not go on a hike if there is a storm or rain  forecast  . Nor if there's a haze, you can lose yourself.
  8. Take advantage of the early hours of the morning and afternoon to go on a hike.  Summer hours with high temperatures (11 to 16) should be avoided  .

 Summit Challenges 

With its 2884 meters above sea level,   Cerro Champaquí   is the highest in Cordoba. About 35,000 people a year try to reach their summit. The ascent from  Villa Alpina  usually takes between 12 and 15 hours, and must be carried out in the company of an authorized guide. You can also search the top from  Cerro Lindero , where you can reach by car.

 Uritorco hill , another of the highest peaks (1979 meters). In all cases it is required to register at checkpoints when entering and giving notice on return.

Are you cheering up?

SOURCE:  Diario L

Publication Date: 09/08/2020

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