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They will cook a giant potato cake for 300 people in a neighborhood of Santa Rosa

The group “The Friends of Solidarity” will cook this Saturday a giant potato cake. It is intended for about 300
Solidarity fingerprint
Cocinarán un pastel de papas
| 06 June, 2019 |

“ The Friends of Solidarity.” He joined the group together with his friend Dario, his wife Laura and one of his daughters, Milagros. They are all co-founders of the < a href =” "target = “_blank” rel = “noreferrer noopener” aria-label = “Los Amigos Solidarios”. He is a member of the group together with his friend Darío, his wife Laura and one of his daughters, Milagros. so social housing of the homonymous neighborhood. (opens in a new tab) "> Nelson Mandela picnic, attended by humble families who inhabit social housing in the homonymous neighborhood.

“ We started with milk and bill to about 50 boys and girls, and today there are about 300, who come every day in search of a plate of hot food.”

“ On Saturday we are going to make a potato cake because we want them to have another kind of food,” Diego said. Admits that “it is an expensive idea, if you take into account the value of the meat and the amount that is needed. But people are helping us with donations for the cake to make it. We already have a group of Scouts and Club Leo. They will peel potatoes and help with the preparations.”

The picnic can be found in Calle María del Carmen Campos 1677 in the Nelson Mandela neighborhood of Santa Rosa. “There we started about a year ago to give them milk with bills,” he said.

Also through sport

Diego is neither an entrepreneur nor a senior employee, he is a cadet who integrates a peer cooperative. He is in charge of the football club “Che Guevara”, which the boys of the neighborhood attend.

“ We train 35 minutes, sometimes we fight until night with the light cut off. Then every boy, according to his family group, takes one or two liters of milk. If we have, we also give them cocoa and cookies or bills and guarantee their snack.”

Diego links his solidarity to his past life. “I was born into a poor family with seven siblings and grew up in schools homes. I know what it’s like to starve.”

“ Politicians don’t come here, not even for the photo. People come and collaborate, it is more in a few days, 15 grandmothers from a nursing home in Quehué, are coming to cook us on a Saturday and that makes us happy,” he concluded.

Source: Télam

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