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The solidarity t-shirts of Tucumán

The campaign “Yo amo tu camiseta” continues to grow in Tucumán. After the first delivery of solidarity T-shirts, he already
Solidarity fingerprint
Camiseta solidaria, Tucuman
| 30 October, 2019 |

The solidarity campaign “Yo amo tu camiseta”, devised and developed by José Lanza, allowed the residents of Villa Quinteros to live a different experience. Kindness and hospitality stand out together hundreds of children running after a ball. Solidarity T-shirts will be the first uniform for many of them.

There are locations in the interior of the country that seem to be in a dimension where time and speed develop slowly. Villa Quinteros, a town in Monteros, is one of the many places in Tucuman that possess these characteristics. A community that resists oblivion after its mills were closed in 1966 under the government of Juan Carlos Onganía – Yeah .

The venue was a football pitch with a lawns, but is guarded by a sugarcane field. Tables full of soda and blood, big speakers and microphones showed that the community was living something different. Solidarity T-shirts excited both boys and adults.

The first delivery of solidarity T-shirts was for the school Mi Pasión. 70 children attend every afternoon to play football and already have his first t-shirt, the unforgettable one. T-shirt that will defend and represent Villa Quinteros within a football field. The shirt was not the only figure, with Lanza was Guillermo Acosta, star of Atletico Tucumán.

The campaign trigger

“ I saw the number of small football schools and the role that meet in their community, people hold them without paying anything in return more than the love of the boys.” That was Lanza’s thought to start the campaign of solidarity t-shirts. The designer and owner of Lanza Sportwear set out to give a hand and promote sport.

The goal of the solidarity T-shirts is nourished by the contribution of any Tucuman and serves to equip small and large football schools. Many of them only work with the enthusiasm and love of parents and coaches. People who see sport as a way to take care of and develop the children in your community in the best way.

Next destination of the campaign

The next stop of the campaign will be in La Cocha, within Tucumán. The beneficiary school is called San Isidro El 9: 45 boys and 15 girls. They like them participate every weekend for the zonal tournament representing their club, their families and their community.

How to participate in the “I love your shirt” campaign?

It’s easy, to collaborate with solidarity T-shirts you can do it via Facebook or Instagram. Looking for the fanpage of José Lanza and, in the social network of the square, the campaign already has its account: @yoamotucamiseta .

Solidarity T-shirts also have an added value, the same one that has any T-shirt. They are more than just a piece of fabric with Colo

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