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The pride of being Argentinean

We are two years old and celebrate it by inaugurating a new platform. More agile, dynamic and easier. But with the pride of being Argentine intact.

Elorgullo de ser argentino

Last week I was asked to develop an editorial note on the occasion of the change of the site of Ser Argentino. A true honor and responsibility to live up to the circumstances.

This means running away from my place as a columnist and critic of reality, to offer an introspective look that manages to convey what we live day by day in our work. Something I value a lot these days considering the crisis and the situation of this damned pandemic.

Serargentino.com has only two years in the air. And its sustained growth is, without any doubt, a finding that can only be explained from the efforts of a group of very professional and creative people. Who have decided to offer the best of themselves, so that you, as a reader, find quality content. That they nurture our culture, that they tell us who we are, how we live. Attempting to add more followers who are encouraged to participate. To tell the world that we're not just what newspapers, politicians or chimentos programs say.

Here you find the true voice of the people and not just that of the porteños. Here there is true federalism, the representativeness of every city, every town and every corner of the country, which bring stories, ideas and tell us about their places, their traditions and their way of living.

It's obvious I have my little heart here. But be careful that I also work for other media. But here I achieve a freedom that no other space offers me. Here I feel that I can contribute, that my voice has value, has a sense of identity, that allows me to be authentic. No conditioning.

I'm lying!

There's something I've been told the day I started writing that, instead of understanding it as a condition, I took it as the best way to transcend all the negativity that the news and the covers of most media convey.“ Here we are to add. We don't want to divide people. And the only motivation is to unite, pull all to the same side, seeking a positive and positive vision.”

My writing tends to have the professional deformation of trying to provide evidence or information to support my words. In this case, I want to tell you that, while all or the vast majority of companies, businesses and enterprises have decided to reduce their investments, stop or stop their activities, many of them forced by the current quarantine that prevents it, Serargentino.com decided that they should bet on growth. Face their commitments and believe in Argentina and its people. To show the world the antithesis of the image being disclosed.

The presentation of this new platform on Serargentino.com does nothing but assume the commitment of a direction that, for ten months, has been working on something that you do not see. Training of the entire team, technical development, editorial and content team, communication area. To achieve this new presentation. It includes a new image and aesthetics. Also a lot of innovation, to achieve a better user experience. With better services, plus the incorporation of a linked marketplace of content with excellent quality. To adapt to a new way of purchasing products and favor the consumption of millions of users. Generating an opportunity for manufacturers, producers and traders to have easier access to the digital tool. And encourage trade between all regions of the country, and why not?, from abroad.

Finally, invite you to join this great venture

To be part of the way that feels best, in order to communicate emotion in its purest essence.You can join Serargentino.com in a thousand ways. The receptivity is total and the arms will always be open.Argentines, perhaps because of our history, are an animated collage of personalities, characters, ways of being and behaviors.An almost unique fan in the world, as variable and volatile as it is rich.Asking ourselves, humbly, “Who would be interested in what we really are?“.

Look, here are two alternatives.

One is to take the negative and believe us the worst garbage on the planet. That we are undisciplined, hards, giles, boludos, corruptible and as many adjectives as possible to self-flagellate us. I don't feel responsible for such malpractice. Nor of the decision of a series of unspoken leaders who fail to keep their promises, sustaining decades-long decadence.

Inequality is a global issue. Misfits are part of all societies and evil is not a national issue. It is true that we are messy, that we find it difficult to plan, that we look at our navel. And that, in general, we find it difficult to comply with the rules because of mistrust and bad examples. We are revolutionaries and quite patient. We have suffered hundreds of crises, and yet we will continue to fight.

The other possibility is to take the sunset and take responsibility, each from his place.Thousands of Argentines have known how to do it. Some anonymous and some recognized. They motivate and deserve our recognition beyond taking them as models to understand that it is possible.

I understand that a lot of times makes you want to go to hell. That we tend to think that the only way out is Ezeiza, or that we are secluded, distrustful of everything, believing that there is no alternative. Who hasn't thought about it?

It is also true that many have left and managed to rebuild their lives abroad. That they can probably enjoy a better quality of life in material terms and even in social terms. But there is one thing: they will never stop being Argentinian and will always live with nostalgia in their backpack. With an eye on some roots in our culture. In the sad distance from friends and family. Excitement cannot supply the luxury or security of an orderly society.

We cannot deny everything, we must recognize ourselves for who we are and accept ourselves as passionate, screaming and hot.

Let's focus on the positive

We have a wonderful country. The spread of our lands, the natural beauty with all climates. A social life enriched by artists, scientists, athletes, doctors, intellectuals, musicians, entrepreneurs and professionals who shine in the world. Traditions, customs and an intellectual wealth that overflows with cultural spaces. Embellishing towns and cities that deserve to be recognized and visited. It is no coincidence that our cities are so attractive to tourists and foreigners. Inetresados in tango, wine, mate, our night, our women, waterfalls, snow, mountains, fishing, popular festivities, football, meat, polo, horses, field, stays, roasts, the continental ice, poetry, music, churches, literature, cinema. And, above all, our passionate audience, our people.

Friendship, family, as fundamental values. Opening up to thousands of immigrants who mix together, forming part of a community that does not distinguish races, beliefs, heavy ideologies. Offering freedom and place to all.

But, look, there's no better way than action. Stand and walk, overcome obstacles, learn from mistakes, enjoy the path and feel that we can be better.

Here's a space where they'll always listen to you. In which you can express your positive or negative ideas, always trying to leave something more than that. A learning or, why not?, some educational aspect that leads us to reflection.

Not long ago a colleague of the site, at the end of his note, said something that has been recorded in all ofus who are part of serargentino.com: “The emotion of being Argentine is unique and we may complain a lot, but deep down we know that there is no country like ours.”

Thank you for this opportunity. I know that thousands of you will understand the true essence of these lines. Then let's pull out the chest and do what we have to do.A very special thank you to our followers. And please don't stop demanding us. This is what we are and we are proud to be Argentinian.

Publication Date: 14/07/2020

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