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The historic downhill of Paraná

The river suffers its steepest downstream in the last 50 years. Controversy about fisheries and millionaire calculations in agricultural losses.


While we are all head on coronavirus for months, nature has been suffering phenomena that can leave us   consequences as much or more devastating than the pandemic   . The Paraná river basin is being seen   seriously affected   by the largest downspout recorded in the   last 50 years   .

In some sections of its extensive route, the   aerial image   who returns the river is   desolating and worrying   . Voluminous watercourses cease to receive significant contributions from precipitation and open way to sands, silts and clays that settle and emerge to the surface, reducing their usual places of passage.

Downspouts and floods are natural and cyclical processes in any river system, but they become news when   exceed normal parameters   .

From July 2019 to March 2020, monthly precipitation values in Santa Fe have generally been below the monthly averages for the last 10 years. This same situation has occurred   also in northeastern argentine   and in the Brazilian basins of the Paraná River and the Iguazú River.

  Impact on the economy  

Precisely the   denser part of the agro-industrial sector   argentinian has its development in the geographical area of   Paraná basin   . The entrepreneur who decides to engage in agricultural activity knows that he is at risk. Multiple factors can affect an economic crisis in the sector. But junctures like this extreme downspout make   losses can be billionaires   . That can decant, like a chain process, into strong.   impacts also on home economics.  

As far as the fishing sector is doing, the downspout is stirring   a controversy with the Santafesino Government   . While other provinces, such as Misiones, Chaco and Corrientes, restricted fishing due to the devastating predation that this phenomenon is causing, the provincial authorities of Santa Fe   refuse to decree the closure   . Environmentalists and industry leaders argue that the pressure on the resource becomes unsustainable under the current conditions presented by Paraná.

Cherry from dessert: far from portending good news, climatologists warn that the upcoming rainfall in the region and high basins will not be abundant, so the downspout   could be deepened   .

Publication Date: 12/05/2020

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By: El Xeneize 02 October, 2020

Siempre hay bajantes. Algunas mas importantes que otras, pero este año es terrible.

By: Julio De Martini 02 October, 2020

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