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The Day of the Sánguche of Milanesa, only in Tucumán

The sánguche of Milanesa Tucuman is an incomparable food, sought by every tourist who arrives, to live the experience that
El Día del Sánguche de Milanesa
31 December, 2019

If we talk about the sánguche of Milanese Tucuman, we are talking about bigger words. Its preparation, presentation and element of membership is unique. That’s why every tourist who comes to Tucumán knows that in its menu will take place a good sánguche.

The product is popular, it is on the courts, on the works, concerts, family dinners, bars or wherever you imagine. Sangucherías in the province have a historical status, to the extent that the Sanguche of Milanese has his day.

March 18 was established as the Day of the Sánguche of Milanesa. This date was chosen because it was the day that José Norberto Leguizamón, one of the most important sangucheros, died. The place of Leguizamón is called “Chacho” and was one of the main drivers of the sánguche. Its products took relevance not only in Tucumán, but in other provinces as well.

That date dresses up all the bloodsheds. All offer different promotions, become a place of culinary worship. It’s a unique experience that a visitor from the province on those dates can not get lost. There are spaces where fairs are organized so that people can see the different types of sánguches there are.

The tradition of the sanguche of milanesa in Tucumán is not limited only to that date, passion is lived all year round, even with other events alluding to the famous food.

The statue

In 2000, Sandro Pereira presented the monument to the Sánguche of Milanese. The situation in these years of the country was critical, as now, but with different dyes. The work of Pereira was an expression against the policies of that time using an element of popular culture. The first place of the work was Park 9 of July. He was highly criticized; however, art professionals gave him his go-ahead, and then the work was bought by a collector at 10,000 dollars.

It passed a long time, more than a decade, Pereira lived in Buenos Aires, but returned to Tucumán. He returned with the idea of reinstating a replica of the Milanese Monument. In 2013 the work was located in Avenida Mate de Luna. Milanese is part of popularculture, but also violence and vandalism: the monument was attacked and partially destroyed in 2015. This does not opaque at all its value, nor the cultural representation of what is the Sánguche of Milanese for Tucumans.

Expo Milanga

This event is an exclusive exhibition of the most sánguche famous of the region. It is organized by the legendary TV show Republic of Tucumán, which has the brand “Tucumán”. On the spot the stalls of sale of the sánguche stand out, but it’s not the only thing. They are performed sweepstakes, and contests linked to this cultural product. Inside there are games kermesse and attractions for children. An unmissable activity to enjoy a sánguche from Milanese to full.

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