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The Curuchet House

When one visits this monument, one forgets all previous protective paradigm, and surrenders to the feet of this genius.
| 07 April, 2020 |

What other house better known and admired in the atmosphere of architecture? Along with the basilica, what other monument is in the silver of this hierarchy?

Surely there will be, and they will sow value over time. But it is undeniable that Casa Curuchet is a monument to the architecture of our country. Perhaps the most important, because of its history, which not everyone knows. Let’s ignore the dates. Not because they don’t matter, but because we rescued their importance, which was in the first half of the 20th century, when there was still no telephone or airplanes or any other communication other than letters through ships. And it was like the master Le Corbusier – the most important person of Architecture in history – made a project, was built and today is a museum – monument in the city of La Plata.

Amancio Williams, one of the most important architects of our history, was the one who directed the work, with the only interpretation tool, as were the plans coming from France. Probably smaller scale solutions have their imprint, since it was impossible to make daily consultations, as required by a work (which is now easy with What’s app!) but the essence, the 5 points of modernism, and the incalculable value of the thought of ways of inhabiting, were thought by Le Corbu.

It is implanted in a terrain as difficult as exploitation opportunities have, with a park in front, and a privileged urban situation. We still don’t know how, at a distance, he could understand this opportunity, and generate an architectural piece that could be in that place and nowhere else in the world. It is thought of itself as a conceptual house, for a doctor and his family, with its ramps of slow and appreciative circulation. That’s why students are going to see it from so many places and we involve it in our section.

Beyond questionable elements from the academic that one learns, such as that the first thing to do when one projects is to visit the site, understand the environment, etc, when one visits this monument one forgets all previous design paradigm, and surrenders to the feet of this genius.

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