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Take Off presents new features in its App

With the app, in addition to flights, accommodation, packages and activities, you can also get Disney tickets, purchase travel assistance
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27 January, 2020

With the app, each user can create their own trip using filters, reading comments and looking at photo galleries to be able to find the appropriate service to their availabilities. On the other hand, it has the record of all the details of the reservations to have minute by minute the itinerary of the trip and expenses. In turn, notifications can be activated to be informed and get all the news about the offers.

“ Our purpose is to create the best travel experiences for our customers end-to-end, from the moment of inspiration to their return from the trip. The app is particularly relevant at the destination, as our passengers travel with their mobile phones and it is through them that we decided to accompany them on their journey,” said Leandro Malandrini, director of Product Management & UX at Descender.

5 functionalities of the application:

Share reservations via iMessage: You can send the details of all bookings made (flight, hotel, activities, etc.).

Know the step by step of the journey. With the Take Off widget you can observe the next 3 detailed reservations on the main screen of your mobile phone without opening the app.

Unforeseen: from the application it is possible to communicate by phone with the Company using Wi-Fi or mobile data to resolve any issue.

Access offline reservations: you can check the details of the tickets and other contracted services without having to have an internet connection.

The travel kit: to stop counting all the time and be able to buy gifts. With the app you can convert currency, clothing and footwear sizes.

Source: Dossiernet

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