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Sustainable construction, solidarity and a dream

A group of men and women began some time ago training in different trades, all related to sustainability.
Solidarity fingerprint
iferentes oficios, todos relacionados con la sustentabilidad.
| 29 August, 2019 |

A group of men and women began some time ago training in different trades, all related to sustainability. Some began to take courses offered by the Vocational Training Centre, which operates in the Union of Wood Workers and Employees in Tandil. There they learn and train in gas installation, electrical installations, air conditioning and sustainable construction.

In the course you can see both men and women, many of them looking for a job out. So many others looking for new horizons. A few were workers of Metalurgica Tandil, and found in this space a new activity, a new exit, a new dream.

Draft ordinance

It should be noted that the world takes our country several years of advantage in this matter. Among the immediate is a draft Ordinance. This would be treated and approved in the coming months. It has to do with the generation of energy in the buildings to be built, and a second step with the promotion and incentive so that more Tandilenses can invest in equipment that allows us to supply our consumption and contribute to the network.

A practice for students and a dream for a family

After the class we went to see in concrete terms what this new construction system is about. It is a practice for students and a dream for a family.

We arrived at the ground, located behind La Movediza, and there we find many people working, young and old. Everyone was doing something, everyone was helping each other. We were greeted with hot mattes and a portion of cake.

We find ourselves very eager to do, to participate in what is coming, the future, the dream. Where all these things are combined, is where one’s own home is born.

Silvia, the owner of the house

Silvia is the owner of the house, with whom we chat. She told us “I got the land through the SUTEBA cooperative. Everyone could build the way they wanted. I am a retired teacher and rented my whole life. So I started thinking about continuing to rent my whole life or encourage me to make my house I started the course with Monica on sustainable construction I already knew something about the subject, so little by little I was buying the materials First I bought all the steel profiles that are the most expensive and then I made the concrete and made the wall that served as a mediator. I was practicing on this and my son began to learn with me. We got to do it until the mezzanine and there it was complicated because we were only two and we were not so strong. Monica (teacher of Sustainable Construction) came to see if everything was fine and told us it was perfect. “

The work had stopped, but that visit they received from Monica brought a surprise. “She told us that she was giving a course at that time and that the students were interested in adding the practice to the theory. So they started to get closer to helping. They helped us set the mezzanine, and so we continued with the boys. We worked almost as a cooperative, we all help each other and learn. On Saturdays this place is a party. Everyone comes to do something and we know that this has a return, to the extent that everyone here needs help, we will be there. I put the first plate on February 3. And this is almost there to live in. Only the openings are missing, then inside I will gradually do it to my liking. I never had a house of mine, I always had to adapt to what was there, so I’m going to do it little by little but to my liking”, she concluded.

Monica, the teacher

Mónica Mondelo is an Instructor of the Vocational Training Center No. 403. She is in charge, together with Andrés Segura, of the Sustainable Industrialized Construction course. She is also hired by Adecco to teach a group of workers who belonged to the Tandil Metallurgical Company.

Three months ago every Saturday they approach Movediza to learn. “We did from the base construction of Steel Framing. They learned to make anchors, to put panels, to work on mezzanines. They saw all the kinds of screws that are used in this type of construction, they made plating, waterproofing. And now they are in the stage to place the high density telgopor that goes on the outside and make the cement like a kind of thin coating to finish the wall. We also had the advantage of being able to do it in a social work, a lady who had done the course and wanted to do her house. We help her with labor and she gives us the chance to learn. At each stage we see the theoretical and practical part”, she said.

Regarding this way of learning, she said: “It is a wonderful thing, here people are known from another area, it is not school, we share more things and obviously food is never missing. In this course we have two boys who worked at Metallurgical Tandil and that they learned this new trade. “

The law

“Law 13059 on saving energy and resources speaks of this. Of making sustainable housing, not only in the material but in the energy capacity and this system, like wood and adobe, allows an average of 17 degrees of permanently, it behaves thermally in an optimal way, meaning that you need very few calories to heat them and few refrigerators to cool them.They carry a telgopor cover that is screwed to the entire structure which allows all thermal bridges to be covered, not receive the cold from outside and do not condense and at the same time a very elastic base is applied that makes any movement that has the house does not generate cracks and also contributes to that thermicity that is needed.The openings must be double glazed with DBH With this system under the concrete a black nylon is put and heat is not lost on the floor either”, she explained.

This type of construction “has a wonderful quality of life, and there is no need to deal with the traditional system where the masonry cracks, there is a membrane that does not have moisture, it is all covered, there are no pathologies as in the masonry. This it leads to not having so much maintenance cost”, she said.

“I have been teaching for three years, there is a lot of demand for students and the topic of industrialized construction was coming very fast and it is necessary to train. At this moment there are 130 people in the course and we are already starting with more practical classes, because there are many houses to do”, concluded Monica, the Professor.

Ordinance Project

Matilde Vide, Councilor for the UCR, was also part of this course and the practices carried out by the students “we were telling the students that we needed people trained to carry out all types of sustainable and renewable energy constructions, manage them and to adapt them.When we begin to think about this Ordinance Project, we approach the Vocational Training Center and talk with Daniel López and Ricardo Rodríguez and begin to address this idea, that many know how to do this task.We also join the USINA in this work and this year finally the course began to develop”, she said.

Regarding the scope of the Ordinance, she said “it provides for two or three prevailing issues, beyond which it provides for adherence to national law and the need that also adheres to the provincial level. Anything that has to do with energy will be declared of interest. Renewable, it is expected that schools will be given courses on energy efficiency and also on the obligation of the municipality to be energy efficient and produce renewable energy, and on the other hand, new buildings will be forced to implement energy renewable, be it solar or wind, each one will evaluate it.It will be applied to common services.Then it must be thought that Tandil does or does need skilled labor, to work for the Tandilenses.The draft ordinance was presented last year and we estimate that this year will be approved. “

She added “this ordinance will generate new job opportunities, new demands and also much of what has to do with caring for the environment.”

The practice

Regarding the practice that the students of the different courses are carrying out, he said “we are very interested in this ordinance. They asked us questions and then showed us the work they are doing. We are very happy to meet with former Metallurgical workers who are trying to get ahead and reconvert their work experience.It is very important for us.It is impressive the level of progress that the house has and how the different courses have been organized, how they have connected and the good thing of giving a social response to a need punctual as the need for a house. We are very happy”, concluded the Councilor.

A worker who reinvented himself

Lucas Mendizábal worked 9 months at Metalúrgica Tandil, he is 22 years old. He said “We already saw that the company was bad, it was a downturn to run out of work. I am young, but one thought at that time of the great people, who had been there for many years. It was all very sad.”

But time passed and new options emerged. “I started with the air conditioning installation course and then started with the gas installation. This need arose from the lady, to build her house. We are a group of former metallurgists who are learning in different areas, such as gas, electricity, steel framing, renewable energy, sustainable construction etc. Today we feel good. Meanwhile I changas until I can finish the course and have the certification and enrollment and be able to work on this. The truth is that it is a very good opportunity”, said Lucas.

Source: La Voz de Tandil

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