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It is the culture they seek to instill in the Carmela Fassi Foundation, which feeds 1100 people. We visited her and talked to her makers.

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In the Las Heras Industrial Park, where factories of different areas are installed, there is also room for a foundation. This is Carmela Fassi, in honor of an aunt of Martin Cacciavillani, our interviewee. Martin explained to us that his mother began with the solidarity task of feeding those who  have the least .  “ At Fundación Carmela Fassi we have done different tasks for 20 years.” 

Carmela Fassi was her mother's sister, and she suffered from intellectual disability. For this reason,  the Foundation assists people with these conditions and who are also in a context of economic and social vulnerability . “This year we have a volunteer with which  we cook on Saturdays for 1100 people with two more organizations  that are FEED and a group of Boys Scouts. We carry out this activity thanks to the contribution of many volunteers and donors.”

 Other activities 

“In addition, we work with many projects that go hand in hand with what is the care of the environment.  We have an organic garden sector where we make an organic fertilizer that is earthworm humus.  We are also with animal production and with our greenhouse where we develop native plants with little water resources”.

Making a little history, Martín recalls: “ This project was started by my mother in the 2000s. For her it was a dream that we caught with my brothers. It's part of our life .” While, as for the altruistic task he develops, he comments: “It is to be able to help, not stand  idly by  and not stay in criticism. If I'm going to criticize, I try to do something and lead by example. We have to work and really help our neighbor.”

 Training workshops 

Carolina Cacciavillani is in charge of the teaching part of the Foundation:  “The foundation provides a service that is the Education Center we have. We work with young adults between 14 and 50 years old with intellectual disabilities and social vulnerability.  Different workshops are offered, all related to the environment. Right now, because of the pandemic, we are accompanying children and families in virtual and in-person ways.”

But, in addition, the goal is that what is learned at the Foundation is transferred to the domestic environment.  “ The idea is that there will be a transfer of everything that is done here. Where there is greater autonomy so that they can develop and insert themselves socially.” 

The main difference with other foundations is that in Carmela Fassi they seek to encourage the  culture  of work. “ From the institution, we return and value the culture of work. Aids are not given away here. Here the boys come, work and earn it , so the labor is dignified. Our added value is that the headquarters was built by our volunteers.”

 All help is welcome 

Martin told us that feeding so many people is not easy. Some ingredients come out of the garden itself. But others are the product of donations. And not only ingredients and raw material, but also leftovers that many would throw away.  They recycle and make rich and nutritious foods. “The other day I brought a whole drawer of zucchini shoes from the fair. They were about to throw it away because they were yellow,”  he remembers. In addition, they receive the  pig  leather and the bones of the butchers which, after meticulous work, manage to peel and obtain kilos of meat.

Finally, if you want to help, you  can search for the foundation on social networks, under the same name. Or contact Martin at 2615401444.  

Publication Date: 12/10/2020

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