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When gnocchi are synonymous with effort, solidarity and a plate of hot food

In Concepción del Uruguay, Entre Rios, children learn to value the effort and help others. We tell you about the Gnocchi Project.

Solidarity fingerprint
Cuando los ñoquis son sinónimo de esfuerzo

Boys manufacture and sell gnocchi in  Concepción del Uruguay . Thus, they learn about the real value of effort. It is a project carried out by a group of volunteers who teach children to work and generate their own resources with which they then fulfill dreams and help those who do not have a plate of food.

While recently it was the first time they made gnocchi this year, this project has already been 3 years old. Since its inception in May 2017, the Adventist Solidarity Warehouse has thought of a project that will help children value the effort and introduce them into the “culture to work.” This is how the Gnoquis project was born, giving value to the effort.

Effort Award

Over the first two years more than 3500 kilos of gnocchi were produced, which helped children to travel to the Conquistadores encounters in the provinces of Córdoba and Mendoza. They also attended a meeting in Libertador San Martin and, earlier this year, they were able to participate and represent our city in a South American meeting in the neighboring country of Brazil, where 100,000 Conquistadores participated.

A plate of hot food

Thanks to the “Gnoquis Project” we experienced very enriching experiences. This year social reality is no stranger to the Adventist Solidarity Shed, where more and more people are attending especially in food. At the moment they can give dinner on Tuesdays and Saturdays plus a meal for Sunday and Wednesday lunches.

A snack is also provided to all children attending school support from Monday to Thursday. Finally, we also continue with the delivery of cookies to families attending the Shed. All these activities make resources scarce, and the  Gnocchi  project is expected to also help pay these costs and the rent of the shed.

Source: La Prensa Federal

Publication Date: 04/06/2019

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