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Weaving nets in the middle of the emergency

In La Plata, a group of professionals is manufacturing high-quality masks for medical personnel. Sail nets.
Solidarity fingerprint
| 31 March, 2020 |

If we fall into the void, one thing can save us: nets. Networks of talents, of minds, of hands. Solidarity networks that will contain us and help us move forward. Faced with the coronavirus pandemic , there are already many who are weaving networks. At the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional Regional de La Plata (Buenos Aires), a group coordinated by engineers was formed, called UTN 3-D . They make high quality masks for hospitals and seek to provide supplies to health professionals.

Solidarity began to sprout spontaneously throughout the country. But, many times, that’s not enough. We are going through a health crisis that requires utmost caution in every respect. Especially in inputs that are used in hospitals and clinics . If the materials with which masks and charms are performed are not indicated, epidemiological damage can be expanded. That’s why it’s so important to turn to experts and use the right technology.

Quality inputs

This is what is happening in La Plata with the UTN 3-Dgroup: engineers, chemists, computer scientists, doctors and volunteers of different types, such as seamstresses, joined on social networks to produce premium inputs. They work day and night online in a race to beat that invisible enemy .

The UTN 3-D group is focused on manufacturing biosecurity masks as an isolation barrier for the COVID-19 virus. These are 3D printed eye or face protection masks, which are more effective than the chin because they cover the entire face and are absolutely Waterproof. They also perform supports of respirators. Already distributed 100 masks and about 10 pieces for peripheral respirators in hospitals and healthcare centers in La Plata. Distribution is carried out by the local commune.

The team is also working on other supplies to supply the medical body of hospitals so that, when it get worse, be prepared in the best way.

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