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We continue to take care of those who care for us

The Fernández Foundation continues its campaign to equip the Fernández Hospital, so that it can cope with the pandemic.

We recently told you about the  campaign  being carried out by the   Fernández Foundation   , which aims to equip the staff of Dr. Juan A. Fernández of essential elements for his work during the  COVID-19 pandemic. Today we want to tell you about everything that the Foundation is able to do thanks to the contribution of all those who have already donated.

 Hospital Fernández  is a reference institution within the  public health  system of the City of Buenos Aires. At this time, he is trying to prepare its resources and facilities to cope with the  pandemic . In this context it was that the Fernández Foundation launched the campaign “ We take care of those who care for us ”, which is already bearing fruit.

During the first month of the campaign, hundreds of people endorsed this  initiative . Among them, different companies and institutions: AB Consultora, AB Intio, Banco Galicia, Cilfa, Disprofarma, Fundacion Muñoz Sauca, Fundacion Williams, Laboratorios Bagó, Metlife, Pro-Vida, Central Del Diezmo and Trames SRL.

Until May 1, 2020, thanks to donations,  Hospital Fernández was able to access the following equipment: 

However,  much remains to be done . We all know that there is time to end the  health emergency  posed by the coronavirus. That is why the campaign continues and, from the Fernández Foundation, they hope to continue to count on the accession of all.

How to participate?

To participate in the campaign you can donate to the account of Banco Galicia N° 3740-0 133-1 on behalf of FUNDACIÓN DR. JUAN A. FERNANDEZ, CBU 0070133020000003740011, AKA: fundafer3231, CUIT 30-69316979-4.

You can also follow the campaign on the networks:

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