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The House of Hope

Get to know the great work of the San Camilo hospice. The House of Hope: where the foundations are love, restraint and smile.

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Looking at the images of Buenos Aires taken by satellites from space, in the northern region, very close to the river, you can observe as a flash, a light reverberance, small but unmistakable.

Let's tap the shot as if it were a photographic lens or separate your fingers as supported by a cellular device. We will see on a tree-lined street with old paradises, an English style house. With a fence to the front and a very manicured garden behind. Packed with white and yellow flowers no matter the time of year. And on the side, a little chapel of the Virgin of Lourdes.

When I was invited to visit the San Camilo hospice I hesitated enough to accept. With misery and arrogance I thought of my dead and my pain. And I said, “I got mine, what else?”

But then they told me about the guests and the work of the volunteers (all those who work there are volunteers). I learned that they tell the house of hope and something, like a pearl is formed wrapping a grain of sand, enveloped my fears. And by transforming their roots they made a warm nest for my heart.

Sitting inside the car under a legendary tree, I wondered if I was doing the right thing, if necessary. I could let someone else make the note, stand aside, and I looked at the tree. So many storms and rains, so many teenage hearts and broken branches and still there, a paradise in front of a house of death.

I rang the bell. -"Hello, are you Marcelo? Welcome to the house of hope. “

The smile of the volunteer who had opened the door for me could only be compared to that stroke of light that was pushed to come out to meet me. For a moment I squint, everything inside had a higher graduation, everything inside that house shone a little brighter. I had prepared myself for a dark and sad place and that nursery fluorescence captivated me. It was clear that any record of death that dwelt in my memory had nothing to do there. That luggage was supposed to be left on the sidewalk.

I went in. I don't know what surprised me the most. And I don't know if the word amazement is right to encompass everything I felt at the time. Like in a playground , life was everywhere in the delicious steamers coming from the kitchen. The hasty and happy steps of the volunteers trying to fulfill the requests of the guests. The noises of home, of home, so forgotten in places of “health”.

Now that I reread my notes I understand what “amazed” me most on that first visit. Love in all its forms and gestures. Love hac

Publication Date: 24/05/2020

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By: Ricardo 24 May, 2020

Gracias Marcelo Por este lindisimo articulo leerlo contagia tu emoción y refleja lo que realmente se vive en esa casa

Por: Ernesto 24 May, 2020

En respuesta a Ricardo

Leer esta nota me alegra .el alma, después de ver tanta miseria en la gente, es un bálsamo que da esperanza

By: Gonzalo 24 May, 2020

Excelente relato. Transmite emociones muy encendidas y una mirada distinta. Gracias

By: Anonimo 24 May, 2020

Leí la nota, excelente, sobre todo por la carga emocional del escritor. Yo tampoco sabía que existía. Hay gente que labura con el corazón en la mano y eso te pone la piel de gallina. Excelente nota y aún más la acción que llevan adelante estas personas.

By: andrea 25 May, 2020

Marcelo, es un relato breve pero muy intenso que transmite gratas emociones. Te felicito !!

By: Magdalena 26 May, 2020

Marcelo, Gracias por hacerme redimir y volver a tener Esperanzas, acercándome al Hospice, a su gente y a su obra, a través de tus hermosas y sentidas palabras Y Gracias a todos los que llevan adelante esta Obra, que Dios los Bendiga y nos haga partícipes a todos de esta Celebración a la Vida...en todas sus formas, que en la muerte encuentra Nueva Vida y Luz

By: Ingrid Herschel 26 May, 2020

El voluntariado del Hospice sale del alma...nada mas. Las horas se hacen cortas y se llenan con amor. Fui voluntaria durante mas de 10 años, ahora ya estoy grande y hay tanta gente joven para experimentar esa felicidad... Años inolvidables, personas inolvidables, experiencias inolvidables... La FELICIDAD de mis sábados por la tarde durante muchos años...

By: Cristina 31 May, 2020

Leer este bello relato, en el cual transmitís las emociones de ese lugar y las tuyas propias. Que bueno que se conozca que hay lugares y personas con tanta capacidad de dar amor. Una caricia al alma. Excelente Marce!!!! Te felicito!!!

By: Andrés Robles 01 June, 2020

Como siempre, tu fuerte es lo descriptivo. Lo bello de leer esas frases e imaginar con claridad lo que describís. Uno se puede sumergir en ese momento y prácticamente estar a tu lado. Felicitaciones por la combinación de tiempo y palabra!

By: Anonimo 25 May, 2020

Me pareció que es un resumen poético de la labor humanitaria amorosa. Así seguimos ayudando desde la Red💕💕💕💕💕

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