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The Glory of Helping

The red and white colors of La Gloria are dyed with green hope with a solidarity action that shows that we are only getting out of crises by helping us.

Solidarity fingerprint

It's like that. In controversial situations where we find ourselves without reaching the end of the month. In the adversities of life, like this global pandemic situation that comes and hits us. In the toughest times, is when   we support ourselves more than ever.   The importance of the institutions followed and loved by peoples to join   solidarity campaigns   is central. Because these initiatives mark a   line of thought   and contagious   to all followers   . Throughout the history of our country, we live many   crises and critical moments.   However, it was   la   union of the people   and the   mutual aid   ,   but above all the participation of large organizations, so we were able to move forward.

On this occasion it was   The Glory   the club that drove a   moved   solidarity     , demonstrating concern about the situation of street people and the families in the neighborhood. The   Instituto Atletico Central Cordoba (   IACC   or “La Gloria”)   was founded in 1918 by railway employees. In its beginnings it had another name, since it was exclusive to the   railway community.   But they decided to expand it   to the general public   and became a fundamental part of the   Cordovan culture.   The Club de Alta Córdoba has as its central activity the promotion of sports activity.   Over the years, which are more than a hundred,   was winning the heart of thousands of   followers   that   leave the soul every sunday   , to see your dear Glory. Red and white paint the streets of Cordoba.

  We encourage together, we help together  

In the context of a pandemic, Argentines feel   lack of football   , on Sunday of court, of the flags   and shout the goals.   However, in the case of “La Gloria”,   the club is approaching its followers,   but to give a hand. This is an initiative carried out by   Institute together with the Neighborhood Center La Fraternidad.   This action consists of   provide 700 dishes   food     to people in street situations and picnic areas in the area. No matter the color of your shirt, IACC and Centro Vecinal will feed you. In the face of a government absent for   people in a situation of maximum   vulnerability   ,     the solution is collective.  

Obviously, this campaign has special attention on   health safety protocols   established by the Emergency Operations Centre (COE). Acquisition of   viandas   it will be possible to carry out   approaching the club   located in Jujuy 2602, neighborhood Alta Córdoba. In order to follow the general care protocols, only one representative per family group will be allowed,   with   barbijo   and distance.   Thus, contact and concentration of large crowds is avoided. The picnic   will be benefited   with this solidarity action are   Rinconcito de Luz, Together for a Better Life and Riko Pan.   Will be destined   400 portions to these organizations   that feed thousands of families.

  Once and a thousand more  

This action began on 20 June as a single day, however, it is expected   carry out other editions.   This is an initiative not only institutional, but also a neighborhood, which is part of the   partners and members of the   club   .   In addition, they have the help of   CPC Central America,   which he contributes through his campaign “We take care of ourselves in the neighborhood”. The action aims   disseminate the protocols and provide the necessary health elements   for people who do not own them.

This is not the first or only solidarity action carried out with the red and white T-shirt. La Gloria stands out for its     social commitment     and it is part of     #LaLigaSolidaria   ,   program in which different teams of the National Football League are part.

Publication Date: 26/06/2020

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