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The Firefly: Light for All

The Cordoba project that provides work and support to thousands of Cordoba who need it. We'll tell you what The
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El proyecto cordobés que da trabajo y apoyo a miles de cordobeses que lo necesitan.
| 22 November, 2019 |

A magazine that illuminates the reality of those who have no light, no roof, no shelter. It’s about The Firefly. A project that was born with the strength and the grip to help young people in the street situation. It is an editorial that conducts a monthly magazine . Of which young people, adults and adolescents are in charge. And by which they earn their daily bread. Both distribution and different parts of the publication process are the responsibility of the canillitas.

The Firefly was born in Córdoba Capital, as a result of the need to narrow the gap in social inequality. And little by little he was achieving it. It grew steadily in these more than 20 years. It spread throughout the province. Río Cuarto, Río Tercero, Alta Gracia and San Francisco also have their Firefly.

Little by little, the editorial project was expanding. And it was broadening its horizons. He managed to build canteens, make available pharmacies, medical services and job training. It does not stop shining and illuminating others, as a collective and even self-management social project , it is an example. The young girls aged 16 to 30 who live on this light can access rights that they may not have previously been able to: health, health, healthand education and food. Just a dignified life. With basic needs covered. Thanks to the creators, organizers and participants, it grows more and more. And sellers are always recognized, in every neighborhood and in every pedestrian in Cordoba and surroundings. If you see a red breast and a magazine in your hand, it’s a Firefly boy who’s winning the handle.

From when to where

Oscar Arias and Fabiana Visintini are the ones who gave birth to the Firefly. Thousands of kids who sell it on the street are the ones who keep it alive. From 1995 to today, this magazine fills our hearts. Addressing different provincial, national and internationalthemes, the journal serves as the main information medium for many Cordoba. And it even has notes of the little canillitas themselves, stories of life born in the village of misery and raised in the streets of hostile cities. The red breast gives the opportunity to work for those who never had it. It aims to grow together with all those who make up it, opening the way to the world of work and providing training. In addition,

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