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The country united in one song

Canta Argentina, the event organized by Red Solidaria, was replicated in 380 points throughout the country that sang the same
Solidarity fingerprint
Canta Argentina, el evento organizado por Red Solidaria
24 December, 2019

What if the whole country united their voices? Something like that must have been asked Juan Carr, of Red Solidaria, before organizing the meeting Sing Argentina. Simultaneously, in 380 parts of the country, the same song was sung to celebrate solidarity.

With the hashtag #CantArgentina, the proposal started as something small and multiplied throughout the territory, with shows in parallel. The event began at 17 on Sunday 22 December and closed with an exciting act: at 20 pm, everyone sang at the same time Charly García’s song “Unconscious collective”.

Mama freedom, you’ll always carry it inside your



They can corrupt you


You can forget

but she’s always


In Plaza de Mayo, the crowd gathered was lucky enough to hear the verses of the song recited by Graciela Borges. Then, many great Argentine musicians sang the song, along with the crowd gathered there, who could read the lyrics of the song on a giant screen . León Gieco, Lito Vitale, Hilda Lizarazu, Juan Carlos Baglietto and Javier Malosetti, among others,put their voice to solidarity – Yeah .

380 points

From the Solidarity Network, the invitation to joining was open to all who wanted to sing. It was only necessary to communicate for the technical details of the transmission. The initiative expanded quickly across the country.

Canta Argentina sounded all over the territory. From the big cities to the smallest towns. Cordoba, La Plata, Tucuman, Mar del Plata, Salta, Santa Fe, Corrientes, Alvarez (Santa Fe), Rauch (Buenos Aires), Mocoretá (Corrientes), El Piquete (Jujuy) and Chaltén (Santa Cruz), among many others. In total, the event took place in 380 points of the country. In Buenos Aires, Rosario, Córdoba and Posadas, armed stages where different bands and singers cheered the afternoon until come to the moment when the whole country was one voice.

Yesterday I dreamed of the hungry, the crazy,

those who left, those who are in prison

today I woke up singing this song

that was written a long time ago.

It is necessary to sing again,

once again.

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