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Solidarity initiative when it is needed most

Since before the quarantine was decreed in Argentina, a group of Santafesinos launched an initiative on social media to help the old people.

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Iniciativa solidaria vecinos Santa Fé

Caring for and giving as much help as possible to the  old people  is  one of the priorities  that Argentines have in the face of the pandemic. With this premise, a group of people from the city of Santa Fe, who decided to be called  Santafesina Initiative , has carried out, from March 15 and  through social networks , the campaign called #UnaManoParaNuestrosViejos.

The mother idea is that Santafesinos who are not in the  risk group  can  volunteer  in their neighborhood, in order to help older adults in your building, block or block. Especially  for those who are alone  or without the possibility of receiving help from a family member, friend or acquaintance.

Social networks were essential for the initiative to take shape, appealing to the virtual mobilization of individuals  to assist the old people they  have nearby.

Woman hand out orders

 How they work 

As it is not known with certainty how long  obligator  io isolation will last, it is necessary to understand that older people, regardless of neighborhoods and social classes, will continue to require attention and collaboration, with  formalities, errands, entertainment  and even emotional restraint. Through its initiative, the driving group hopes to help as many men and women as possible over 60 years of age who are in some form  of loneliness  or are not reached by State attention.

The organization seeks to ensure that there is a relationship of trust between the adult and the volunteer.  They comply with all the existing regulations established  in the framework of the quarantine mandated by the National Government and follow the health recommendations for protection and distancing. Volunteers thus contact seniors in their own neighborhood and offer to help them in  the process they need  (pharmacy, super, payment of taxes). Then they go, do the procedure, pay what they have to pay and, when taking the merchandise or the result of the procedure to the elderly, they charge what they spend.

Finally,  the volunteer shares what was done  within the framework of his initiative on social networks, with the hashtag #UnaManoParaNuestrosViejos, so he can reach the most potentials needed.

Publication Date: 26/04/2020

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