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Solidarity ice cream parlors, to warm the soul

Ice cream to bring heat to the heart: we tell you what is this social ice cream shop project that was born with the firm Grido.

Solidarity fingerprint
Heladerías solidarias,  para calentar el alma

 From the hand of the fifth largest chain in the field, Grido,  a new project was born. It is a  solidarity bet  that has its raison d'être in a new way of helping. With the firm Helacor,  Via Bana emerges, a chain of solidarity ice cream shops that tries to place in the market different organizations  that need profits  to achieve their goals .

 The points of sale  of this second brand of Grido are intended for different NGOs  fighting for different causes.One intent lies behind these businesses:  helping others . This is an  inclusive line of business  that allocates its profits to the different foundations that add to the proposal.  Via Bana installs franchises  with small producers who provide all the funds to their social causes . There are already more than 100 businesses with this name in operation. 

However, the company Helacor always bets on more.  With Grido in less than 10 years they became the leading brand,  for their reach and popularity.  With Via Bana, they look for the same thing,  but this time  the background is deeper . It is not a commercial business, but also an erramiento to build a new world, with social justice. 

How do we do?

 The company's proposal for action  is to convene small entrepreneurs proposed  by social organizations , and linked to them. Once they are interviewed and selected by the firm,  they are trained to open a small ice cream shop . The Food Bank and the Foundation A tattoo for a smile have already summoned their applicants.

The model aims  to encourage small entrepreneurs,  as well as social canteens. Thus, through franchises, a source of income is provided that contributes to the various causes of struggle and  narrows the gap in social difference.  Each person or group that accepts the proposal must pay  a monthly amount  for the use of the brand Vía Bana. And this firm provides the necessary inputs for the beginning:  posters, paint to decorate the point of sale, a freezer and merchandise. Vía Bana's outlets will be sponsored by other Grido franchises that have more experience. Thus,  a training chain  and a broadcasting channel are generated, through which small vendors who are just starting, receive information and advice.

 Diego Llepeue is the leader of the Vía Bana Canal  and says that the proposal is to generate 500 points of sale per year in the country  , and states that, in high season, these points can reach between 20 and 50 thousand pesos of net income. Although each franchise has its particularities and each entrepreneur carries out his task with his own decisions. It all depends on the time each entrepreneur devots to his point of sale. However, broadly, the numbers calculated from the firm Helacor and Canal Via Bana establish that each franchise would reach 10% of a local Grido on average.  In this sense, the income would be high, for foundations that only use the  solidarity of the community and some companies. 

Without opportunities you can't change

 Great changes in the world can only occur when great opportunities are provided.  Without opportunities, no one can be saved. The Via Bana Canal is offering the opportunity to manage outlets with funds for social causes. In addition, these are  sources of work  that could transform the lives of thousands of families.

The original idea was Sebastián Santiago, the current commercial director of Helacor, who devised this program taking into account the ideas of Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize laureate. And he also used as a source of information some data from the  United Nations (UN),  setting the different  goals for sustainable development (SDGs).  This action plan aims to  reduce poverty and hunger by advancing in  education, gender, labour and economic development. 

Publication Date: 26/08/2020

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